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Huffington Post Wrestles With Game of Arms Team; Guyism Checks Out Arm Wrestling Tips

GOA_DM_1102_1294_325This week, one of the Game of Arms teams visits The Huffington Post to explain arm wrestling. Plus, Guyism is intrigued by AMC’s arm wrestling tips. Read on for more:

The Huffington Post interviews NYC Arms Control, one of the teams taking part in Game of Arms, and learns why the term “arm wrestling” is a misnomer.

Guyism spotlights AMC’s infographic on how to win at arm wrestling every single time, commenting, “Follow these tips and you’ll be emasculating people left and right.”

Screen Crush gets a sneak peek at Travis Bagent, one of the competitors on Game of Arms.

Armwrestlers ONLY highlights AMC’s website for Game of Arms, prior to the show’s debut on Feb. 25.

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