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Freakshow Q&A – The Amazing Boobzilla

The Amazing Boobzilla discusses the stunts she performs with size 44R cup breasts, as well as her early ambitions to become an actress.

Q: When did you realize you could use your assets for entertainment purposes?

A: Pretty much when I was fourteen or fifteen years old. It became a party gag for my friends and just kind of grew from there.

Q: Where did your stage name, the Amazing Boobzilla, originate?

A: That would actually be my boyfriend in high school, he started it. It started as a gag with my friends. I started performing in a local production of The Rocky Horror Picture Show when I was seventeen. One of the stage managers jokingly named me Boobzilla, not knowing that’s the name I had gone under before — and it continued to grow from there. It’s a catchy name.

Q: Did you aspire to become an actress?
A: The Rocky Horror Picture Show was my formal introduction to a public stage. I did some theater production at school, but this was in my own element and I had fun acting out some of the roles. I was also the sound technician throughout the production. I just kind of blossomed into this performance personality.  I met the person I started with in my first sideshow act in that Rocky production — that’s when the Amazing Boobzilla started going live in sideshow, back when I was 21 years old.

Q: What is the heaviest item you’ve ever picked up?

A: The heaviest one item is actually a person. I lifted one of my friends, who’s a little person at about 180 pounds. But, the highest collective weight I’ve lifted is about 215 pounds worth of cinderblock. They were placed in a chair. The chair seems to be the best medium.

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Q: Have you ever thought about getting a chest reduction?

A: No, they would just grow back.

Q: In episode 2, you go bra shopping with some of the Freakshow women. Have you been more successful in finding undergarments that fit you since then?

A: No, not at any place other than that particular store we went to. I tried approaching some other people but a bra for me has to be custom made and they are really expensive. I have friends of mine working on custom options, but for the most part, I mainly just go without.

Q: Is your large chest size physically impairing at all?

A: Not really, no… I can’t lay on my stomach a lot so I usually lay on my back or my side. When it comes down to affection, I can’t be hugged from the front because it hurts. But other than that, not a lot. I try to do a lot of yoga and pilates to keep my core and my back in shape because I can throw my back out if I bend over. I use the bras I purchased from my time on Freakshow and that’s helped my back and has helped me with my professional appearance — going into venues to get new bookings, as well as date nights with my boyfriend. But going without doesn’t really hinder me. People who know me know what’s going on — that I’m not going out without a bra just for the fun of it. Sometimes it catches people off guard.

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