Lobster Family Secrets, Episode 6

Lobster Family Secrets

Todd visits Lobster Boy. George moves.

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Full Recap

Todd, Danielle, and Phoenix are still visiting Gibsonton, the legendary sideshow town. They talk with Grady "Lobster Boy" Stiles about his father's unique fame and their troubled relationship. His father's life was plagued by violence and alcoholism and ended with a mysterious murder.

In Los Angeles, Asia begins apartment hunting with the help of Morgue and her two friends. They ask Morgue about the state of his and Asia's relationship but he doesn't go into details. Later on, Asia reluctantly agrees to accompany her friends to a country bar where she feels out of place and uncomfortable. Her friends note Morgue's "moody" demeanor and continue to inquire about their relationship. Asia ultimately puts in an application for the apartment and expresses to Morgue how nervous she is to tell her parents that she's moving out.

After thirteen years of service, George decides to leave his job at the Virginia Deprartment of Corrections and move to California to work at the Freakshow full-time. His coworkers express concern over his decision and his girlfriend doesn't feel like she will be able to maintain a long distance relationship. They decide to take a "break" so George can pursue his lifelong dream.

Back in Gibsonton, Danielle, Todd, and Phoenix accompany Grady to his father's gravesite and help him gain some closure on his past.

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