Season 1, Episode 6

Strongman Competition

Todd arranges a Strongman Competition at the Freakshow comprised of guests with unsual strengths. Todd's friend Billy Owen shares his unique story.

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Full Recap

Todd plans a strongman competition and invites some special guests to participate, including The Illustrated Penguin, Billy Owen, Andrew S., and The Great Nippulini. Billy Owen’s story makes him a strongman in a different way than the other performers: In 2009, Billy was diagnosed with a tumor in his sinus and given a less than 10% chance to live. Inspired to go on by his then-infant son, Billy endured the removal of his entire right eye and the right half of his mouth and went on to become a cancer survivor. At dinner, The Illustrated Penguin, Andrew S., and Morgue talk about how performing allows them to connect with people and gain their approval. The next day, Danielle, Ali, and Creature go shopping for chain for the event, and the hardware store employees are incredulous when they learn what the chain will be used for. On strongman competition day, The Illustrated Penguin lifts an anvil with his ears, The Great Nippulini pulls a cart full of people with his nipples, Andrew S. pulls a truck weighing nearly two tons with his eye sockets, and Billy Owen tells his inspiring story and then removes his false eye and mouthpiece to turn himself into a human jack-o'-lantern.