Season 1, Episode 5

The Littlest Wedding

Todd throws a wedding for Ali and fellow little person Matt, trying to replicate the famous Tom Thumb Wedding.

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Full Recap

Everyone at the Freakshow is ecstatic when Amazing Ali drops by to show off her newest piece of jewelry: her engagement ring! Ali reveals she is considering eloping with her fiancé, Matt, who is also a little person. However, after Todd offers to recreate the elegant wedding thrown for legendary sideshow performer Tom Thumb by P.T. Barnum, she agrees to hold the ceremony at the Freakshow. The girls volunteer to help Ali with her dress, while the boys take Matt shopping for a tux. When the big day arrives, a large crowd gathers outside the Freakshow to witness the festivities. After Ali makes a grand entrance (she’s carried down the Venice Beach boardwalk on a litter hoisted by four shirtless men), Todd performs a simple ceremony on the Freakshow stairs, followed by a joyful reception inside which is attended by the entire Freakshow family. Separately, Digger “The Sadu Hobo” -- so named because he’s an actual hobo -- comes to the Freakshow to perform as “the pain-proof man” in order to earn some cash. Digger’s act involves turning himself into a “human bulletin board” by allowing patrons to attach $1 and $5 bills to various parts of his body (including his face) using an industrial strength staple gun.