Season 1, Episode 4

Human Pin Cushion

Creature tries to reunite with his estranged five year old daughter. Murrugun defies the limits of the human body with his human pin cushion stunt.

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Full Recap

Planning a human pin cushion event, Todd Ray asks Murrugun if he can pierce himself with steel skewers without shedding blood. Replying “I’ll have to move my internal organs to do it,” Murrugun is excited to take on the challenge. To guarantee his safety, Todd and Danielle take Murrugun to a hospital, where a doctor says voluntarily moving internal organs is “almost impossible” after using an X-ray machine to confirm that Murrugun’s swords do indeed reach his stomach when he swallows them. Morgue also enlists in the event: He's going to pierce himself with hypodermic needles, but unlike Murrugun, Morgue plans to bleed. At the event, Morgue successfully pierces his forehead, eyelids, cheeks, and hand with needles; Murrugun successfully (and bloodlessly) skewers his bicep, his chin, and the lower left side of his torso. Separately, Todd and Danielle arrange a meeting between Creature and his estranged ex-wife, Alyssa, as a first step towards reconnecting with five-year-old daughter Mia who Creature has met only a handful of times. Though Alyssa is afraid Mia might be embarrassed by Creature, Creature’s heartfelt gift of a hand-embroidered dress with his own artwork convinces Alyssa to consider Creature's request.