Boobzilla Comes to Town, Episode 2

Boobzilla Comes to Town

The Amazing Boobzilla comes to Freakshow

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Full Recap

Everyone at the Freakshow is excited for Boobzilla, a performer who crushes soda cans and lift objects with her size 44R cup breasts. When she arrives, she explains that her large chest is due to gigantomastia, a condition that causes her breasts to grow uncontrolably. For her debut Freakshow performance, Boobzilla would like to a lift Amazing Ali with her breasts. Unfortunately, Ali has been experiencing hip pain and doesn’t think she’ll be able to do the stunt. With Todd's urging, Ali visits a doctor who says hip replacement surgery is her only option. Ali fears that a lengthy absence from the Freakshow will make her seem obsolete, but Todd assures her that her position will be there when she returns.

Before her surgery, the Freakshow gang visits Ali at the hospital. After a lengthy wait, Ali's doctor arrives and delivers the good news -- Ali’s surgery went great. Her husband Matt is overjoyed and performs handstands in the waiting room.

Back at the Freakshow, Jenevieve gets a nasty bite from her snake. Todd becomes concerned about the the animal being around the public, but Jenevieve assures him she will make sure everyone is safe.

It’s time for the show! During the outside performance Jenevieve drops her snake on a railing. Asia thinks that she is more focused on the way she looks then the safety of her animal and tells Todd about the incident. Todd confronts Jenevieve, but she downplays the accident and brushes it off.

Inside the Freakshow, Boobzilla begins her act by crushing cans with her breasts. Next, she lifts a chair holding Gabriel Pimentel, a little person who had previously auditioned for the Freakshow. At the end of the day, Todd and Danielle thank Boobzilla by giving her a special red tassled brassiere.

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