Season 1, Episode 3

Two-Headed Baby

"The Lobster Boy" joins Todd on a family trip to obtain a two-headed baby.

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Full Recap

Todd Ray takes a road trip to visit legendary sideshow owner Bobby Reynolds, who possesses a preserved two-headed human baby that Todd wants to add to his collection of wonders. He invites along Phoenix and Danielle, as well as Grady “Lobster Boy” Stiles III, whose father -- who was also a "Lobster Boy" (side show parlance for a person with ectrodactylism, a condition in which the fingers and/or toes fuse together to form claw-like extremities) -- once worked for Bobby. After receiving a substantial cash offer along with assurances from Todd that the baby will be showcased in the sideshow tradition, Bobby agrees to the sale. On the way back to Venice Beach, Todd makes a side trip to a farm, where he purchases a six-legged cow for $1,500. Meanwhile, back at the Freakshow, Amazing Ali, Marcus “The Creature,” and Asia decide to spend their day off rollerskating. Morgue reluctantly joins them and is eventually cajoled by Asia and Marcus into having a good time.