Season 1, Episode 8

Freakshow Festival

Todd throws a Freakshow Festival with Freaks of all kinds showing up to support the banning of the word "normal" and they do their biggest stunts.

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Full Recap

Todd plans the biggest event in the show’s history: the Venice Beach Freakshow Festival, with a parade down the boardwalk and the largest collection of performers the show has ever assembled performing their greatest stunts. The goal of the festival is to get people to “Say 'no' to normal” and to celebrate that everyone is different, unique, and beautiful. To promote the festival, Todd invites knife-thrower Molotov to perform his "Wheel of Death" stunt with assistance from Brianna. On the big day, the festival parade attracts a large crowd who are then wowed by stunts including Brianna jumping on broken glass and Murrugan performing his “Five Sword Drop” stunt for the first time.