• Jessa is one of the new additions to the Freakshow cast this year. As the resident bearded lady, she greets people and answers their questions between shows. The bearded lady has been a part of side shows and carnivals for centuries and Jessa enjoys learning about and being a part of their fascinating history.

    Originally from Texas, Jessa was working in Las Vegas when she received a phone call from Todd after a friend sent him a picture of her. She decided to join to the Freakshow to help enlighten and empower those that need it and to show people wonder still exists in the world. She believes freaks are not victims of an uncaring society, but real and fascinating people with unique abilities.

    Prior to joining the Freakshow, Jessa was working in Las Vegas, where she would take her three ball python snakes for walks on the Las Vegas strip, encouraging passersby to interact with them and pet them. One of the snakes was raised with a large hooded dumbo mix rat so she would also showcase their odd friendship. Although it was hard work and she encountered some harsh people, she found it very rewarding and enjoyed being able to educate people about reptiles and make them aware that people like her exist. She's also worked at several Renaissance Faires and medieval events. She was with “In Living History” for over 20 years and is currently with "Daggers and Seahawks".

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