Season 1, Episode 9

Be My Baby

Tommy confronts Dion over his worst fears about his son. Meanwhile, TJ takes matters into his own hands with his tormentor.

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Full Recap

While shaving, Tommy Moran remembers the day Rie Moran gave birth to TJ Moran. In Tommy's flashback, Dion Patras congratulates him: "That's your boy."

In Marisa Gallo's kitchen, Dion answers a call from Detective Giordano instructing him to set up a meeting with Patrick Woijchik that night: The hit is on. After the call, Marisa wanders in and shares a pregnancy update, but Dion is distracted. Annoyed, Marisa tells him to find another place to live so she doesn't get hurt again. Dion sees that she's serious but asks for a favor before she heads to work. He pulls out his phone and requests her professional opinion about the recording he secretly took of Giordano's threat to kill Patrick. Marisa recognizes her father's voice and forwards the recording to herself, promising to run it by a friend in the Department of Justice. She tells Dion not to share it with anybody else.

Tommy helps TJ dress for school and reaches for the sock drawer. TJ rushes to get there first and stealthily covers up Aidan Moran's gun.

In the kitchen, Dion tries unsuccessfully to joke around with Tommy. The crew admits the "deep freeze" between the two is affecting them. Dion is waiting for Tommy to "come around," but Val advises him to take action.

Tommy closes the blinds in Pilar Herrera's office and kisses her. He spots a yellow package on her desk and takes it into his wine room.

TJ proudly shows Tommy that he got a B+ on his math test, but Tommy offers nothing more than a casual fist bump. Dion notices.

At the hospital, Patrick walks in on Ziggy Woijchik deep in conversation with Gekko. Ziggy says he's "reorganizing," giving Gekko more responsibility because he'll "take care of what needs to be done."

Dr. Bob warns Aidan that his illness is progressing rapidly and recommends alternative treatment if he won't ask Tommy or TJ for bone marrow. Aidan refuses. Dr. Bob says all he can do is manage Aidan's pain and "let it run its course." Jensen tears up.

Dion finds Tommy in the wine room and invites him to an Iggy Pop concert. Tommy declines, then abruptly asks if Dion used protection with Rie. Dion looks at the ground. Tommy asks if their tryst happened 11 years ago, pointing out that TJ is just over 10 years old. Dion admits the idea that TJ could be his son crossed his mind, but he says Rie was "100% positive" TJ was Tommy's. Pilar overhears the conversation.

TJ's counselor reminds him that Andre Walker will be back at school the next day. As TJ walks off, a car screeches to a stop to avoid hitting him. He has a flashback of Rie's accident and draws a picture in his sketchbook of her body flying through the air.

Marisa plays Dion's recording for Giordano and reveals that Dion is the father of her child. She warns Giordano to back off of Patrick, like he promised, but Giordano tells her to "look away" as he handles his business. Marisa tears up at the thought of her child growing up without a father or a grandfather because of Giordano's obsession. Moved, Giordano contacts Dion and calls off the hit.

In the wine room, Tommy tells Pilar he doesn't see the point in going to grief group anymore. Pilar admits she overheard his conversation with Dion. She tells Tommy she believes TJ is his son because, after all he's been through, TJ is still loving and sensitive like Tommy. Tommy appreciates her honesty. Pilar starts to confess something "about Oscar," but instead comes clean about not being a restaurant manager. Tommy thanks her for lying, since it brought them together.

TJ arrives home, having taken the subway after Tommy forgot to pick him up from school. Dion pulls Tommy to the side, asking if Tommy's "acting a little weird around TJ" because of his "crazy theory" that TJ isn't actually his son. Tommy counters that "every theory is crazy until proven."

Patrick and his goons meet with Victor, a restaurant owner. Patrick reminds Victor that he's behind on his monthly payments to "Woijchick Parking" and demands a check. Victor condescendingly sneers, "You'll take the check when I tell you to." Patrick shoots him dead and orders a stunned Gekko to clean up the mess.

That night, Jensen helps Aidan into the bath. A trail of blood floats to the surface from between his legs. Aidan sighs and sends Jensen out of the room.

In his bedroom, Tommy opens the yellow package. Inside is a paternity test kit.

TJ puts Aidan's gun in his backpack.

The next day, Tommy stares at Rie's grave in silence.

Patrick stops by Thirio unannounced. As he watches Dion work, he remembers a night at Ottavio's when Dion spoon-fed him a taste of the food and kissed him on the lips when he approved. Patrick walks up behind Dion, startling him. He alerts Dion to a change in their agreement: Patrick wants a third of what Dion owes by next week. Dion balks; there's no way he can pay $200,000. Patrick reminds Dion that he passed on a way to pay it off completely, then asks why Dion is so "enamored" of Tommy. Dion says Tommy is like family. Patrick warns, "Family can turn on you."

In his office, Aidan places a note and a thick wad of cash inside an envelope addressed to Jensen. Steeling himself to commit suicide, he unlocks his gun box. Inside, he finds only an empty holster. Aidan calls Dion to alert him, admitting that he's been giving TJ shooting lessons.

Carrying his backpack, TJ walks down the school hallway towards Andre Walker.

Dion bolts outside just as Tommy drives up. Dion fills Tommy in on the situation and they speed towards the school, debating whether or not to call the cops. They hear sirens.

Tommy and Dion arrive at the school as a SWAT team rushes in to clear it. A father anxiously waiting outside informs Dion that "some kid inside had a gun." After students and employees are evacuated, Andre is escorted out in handcuffs. TJ runs out and hugs Tommy. His counselor tells Tommy and Dion that an "anonymous note" tipped them off to gun in Andre's locker. As they talk, an officer walks by with Aidan's gun in an evidence bag.

Before going for a jog, Giordano leaves Marisa a voicemail confirming upcoming breakfast plans. Patrick's van approaches. Giordano tells Patrick he's done with his vendetta against the Woijchiks. Giordano proposes he and Patrick "call it a draw" and move on from their feud.

At home, Tommy interrogates TJ, who confesses to placing Aidan's gun in Andre's locker. Confident that the gun won't be traced back to him, Aidan commends TJ's creativity taking things into his own hands since Tommy wasn't addressing the bullying situation. Tommy sends TJ upstairs, conflicted about whether to turn him in. Dion declares that Andre "got what he deserved." Aidan suggests Tommy discipline TJ himself, but Tommy ends the conversation, determined to decide TJ's fate on his own.

On the couch upstairs, Tommy tells TJ he's disappointed. TJ buries himself in Tommy's arms.

That night, at an abandoned warehouse, Giordano sits on a chair placed precariously on the edge of a loft. He swears that he's "let it go" and says, "There's no point in this." Sitting across from him, Patrick disagrees: "Something has to be done." Gekko ties a noose around Giordano's neck. Giordano pleads, "in our world, it's never enough." Patrick replies, "In my world, now it's enough." He kicks the chair off the ledge. Giordano's body swings from a rafter above the warehouse floor.

At home, Marisa smiles as she listens to Giordano's message.

At the restaurant, Tommy broods over questions of right and wrong and whether blood is thicker than water. Pilar tells him that "everyone has secrets" before saying goodnight.

Tommy invites Dion to move back in and admits he doesn't know what to do about TJ. He wonders whether it's better "if people don't know the truth." Dion puts his hand on Tommy's shoulder and assures him, "That's your son." Patrick watches their warm exchange through a window.

Upstairs, TJ sleeps with his mouth slightly ajar. Tommy approaches with a cotton swab from the paternity kit. He hesitates, torn between desire to know the truth and fear of what he might find. Tommy puts the swab back in its container, unused.