Season 1, Episode 8

In Lies the Truth

Now knowing the truth about Dion's betrayal, Tommy starts to unravel. The Tooth Fairy offers Dion a solution to all of his troubles.

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Full Recap

It's the morning after Tommy Moran discovered that Dion Patras slept with his late wife, Rie. Tommy wakes up from a dream about Rie and Dion having sex. In Tommy's dream, Dion tells Rie he loves her.

Later, Tommy ignores Dion in the kitchen. Dion pleads with Tommy to "ask me anything," but Tommy keeps their conversation strictly professional. Pilar Herrera approaches with good news: Thirio is almost 50 percent booked for their official opening night. Tommy responds distractedly; Dion leaves abruptly after receiving a text from Patrick Woijchik. Pilar reminds Tommy of their romantic evening together and wonders about his change in mood. Tommy blames it on trouble with Dion.

At Stavros Patras's brothel, Dion asks his uncle for help finding an apartment and tells him about Patrick's restaurant offer. Incredulous, Stavros asks why Dion would even consider "working for that psychopath." Dion says it would be a quick way to pay off his debt. Stavros asks what he'd do about Thirio, but Dion says he'd be doing Tommy a favor by leaving now that Tommy knows about him and Rie. Stavros pulls out an old photo of Dion, Tommy and himself. He urges Dion to "take care of what you have done" by staying with Tommy who's "family."

Detective Giordano has security cameras installed at Marisa Gallo's apartment. He assures Marisa his obsession with Patrick is over.

Dion calls Marisa with suggestions for what to eat while she's pregnant.

Tommy receives a call: TJ Moran isn't at school. Tommy thinks he knows where TJ is and heads out. He finds TJ sketching at Rie's sidewalk memorial. From around the corner, Andre Walker watches them leave.

Giordano stops by the restaurant. He corners Dion and lays out his plan to kill Patrick. He assures Dion that the police will pin the murder on the Chinese. Then, Giordano says, Dion will be free of both Patrick and Ziggy, who is "practically a vegetable." Dion protests -- he doesn't want to be an accessory to murder. Giordano insists this is the only way: "Woijchik is gonna die, and I'm gonna have the pleasure of killing him." After Giordano leaves, Dion pulls out his phone. He's recorded the whole conversation.

Tommy and TJ visit Rie's gravesite together. Tommy asks for a moment alone and gets down on one knee, appearing from TJ's standpoint to have a tender moment with Rie. However, Tommy actually tells Rie the truth about TJ and recent events. "You cheat. You die. You take the betrayal to the grave with you," he spits. He angrily says she's destroyed his image of her. "What am I mourning now?" he asks.

In the car driving back to school, TJ sees Andre setting Rie's sidewalk memorial on fire.

While prepping for that night's dinner service at Thirio, Tommy snaps at his servers when he notices the women giggling over Dion. Pilar tries to pull Tommy aside, but Tommy shuts her down as well. She stalks into her office and slams the door.

Tommy follows Pilar into her office and apologizes for his behavior. He explains that it's because Dion slept with Rie and he's probably going to be angry for a while. Tommy asks Pilar to be patient with him and says he's glad she knows -- he wants them to be completely honest with one another. Pilar heads out to see her sister.

Pilar meets up with Patrick, who offers her a maître d' position at his new Williamsburg restaurant. She's happy he's pursuing his passion but declines. She tells him it's because she has become "involved" with one of the owners of the restaurant where she currently works. Pilar reveals that she met the man at grief group but confesses that she lied about being a widow, only joining the group to meet guys, and now she "can't take it back." Patrick admits he's also in love with someone and has been waiting for the person to see him "in the same way." Pilar assumes it's a man, then covers when she realizes she's overstepped. Patrick leaves abruptly.

At Thirio, Tommy secretly drinks in his wine room. Pilar joins him and lies about seeing her sister. They wish each other luck on opening night.

In the kitchen, Dion goes over the menu with his crew. Tommy enters and tells everyone how proud he is of their hard work. Dion, confused by Tommy's sudden change in attitude, asks if he's OK. Tommy says he's "great."

In Aidan Moran's office, his doctor recommends he ask Tommy to be his donor. Aidan says he'd "rather die twice." The doctor then suggests TJ, but Aidan refuses. Aidan ends the conversation when TJ walks through the office on his way home with Jensen.

On opening night, Thirio is filled with customers. Dion watches as Tommy, now sloppy drunk, gets a guest's wine order wrong.

Tommy drinks more in the wine room. Dion follows him in and acknowledges that Tommy has had "a shock to the system." Dion suggests Tommy "call it a night" instead of pretending he's not upset about Dion and Rie. Tommy says Dion couldn't know how it feels to be betrayed like that because it's not something other guys do to Dion ñ it's something Dion does to other guys, "even his best friend."

TJ returns home. Dion asks TJ about school and encourages him to reach out if he needs help. Tommy sends TJ upstairs to do homework, then warns Dion not to speak to TJ anymore. The kitchen crew senses the tension.

In the dining room, Tommy gets into an argument with a customer who says she was served a bad bottle of wine. Tommy takes a few swigs himself and insists she's wrong. Dion hurries over and drags Tommy away.

In the kitchen, Tommy loudly berates Dion for embarrassing him, then demands to know how many times Dion slept with Rie. With TJ at her side, Pilar comes in to say the dining room can hear everything.

Tommy and Dion take their argument to the roof. Dion promises it was "a one-time mistake" a long time ago; they were both drunk and Rie didn't love Dion back. Tommy calls him a liar and punches him in the face. The two tussle until they collapse. In tears, Tommy ends their friendship and tells Dion to move out. They'll keep Thirio open for a while for the crew, he says, "But you and me? We're done."

After Thirio closes for the night, Dion packs his belongings and heads out, leaving the photo Stavros gave him behind.

Pilar comforts Tommy in the dining room.

Dion stops by Patrick's house. He declines Patrick's offer to work at the new restaurant because he's "already in a partnership" with Tommy at Thirio. Patrick warns that Dion will regret his decision and slams the door.

Dion shows up at Marisa's apartment and asks to spend the night; Tommy and Pilar lay together on the couch.

In a seedy hotel room, Patrick drops money on the dresser for an androgynous male prostitute. When the prostitute suggests they "go again," Patrick kisses him deeply then smothers him with a pillow. Straddling the prostitute's dead body, Patrick looks at his reflection in the mirror. "You are nothing," he tells himself.

In bed, Marisa starts to kiss Dion, but he's not into it. She asks if there's someone else. "Yeah," Dion says, "He's six-foot-one and loves his wine. Maybe a little too much."

In his bedroom, TJ pulls the gun he stole from Aidan's safe out of his backpack. He points it at a yearbook photo of Andre and pulls the trigger. It clicks as he dry fires.