Season 1, Episode 7

Tabula Rasa

Facing a restaurant with no patrons, Dion reluctantly seeks help from his former mentor. This leads Tommy to a startling revelation.

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Full Recap

All Thirio's reservations were cancelled following local news coverage of Patrick Woijchik's shootout in front of the restaurant. The staff is bored and idle. Dion Patras promises their dry spell won't last long; the murders will soon be forgotten.

Still reeling from the cooking videos he found on his wife Rie's computer, Tommy Moran flat out asks if Dion slept with Rie. Tommy believes there was "a lot more going on than cooking" between them. Dion says he and Rie were just interacting "like two people who had known each other for years." In fact, Dion says, Habib was present during half of the tapings. Tommy gets emotional and apologizes for being paranoid. Dion receives a text - Patrick wants his cocaine.

The next morning, Detective Giordano surprises Patrick in Ziggy Woijchik's hospital room. Ziggy is asleep, but Giordano says he told Ziggy about the shootout. "No father wants to see his boy get that sloppy," Giordano taunts. Patrick doubts Giordano has any leads and shows him the door.

TJ Moran wakes up from a nightmare reliving his mother's accident. Tommy comforts him.

Back at the hospital, Patrick follows Giordano into the elevator, smashes the security camera with his pair of pliers and warns him to stay away from Ziggy. Giordano pulls his gun on Patrick; Patrick does the same to Giordano. In a stalemate, Patrick declares he doesn't care if he dies. The doors open when they reach the lobby and both men quickly pocket their weapons.

Dion retrieves Patrick's cocaine from Thirio's marquee. One of the packages is almost empty.

In the kitchen, Dion and Pilar Herrera greet each other awkwardly. Pilar announces she'll be meeting with a publicist and hopes a corporate sponsorship might be what Thirio needs to drum up business. Wanting to avoid corporate involvement, Tommy advises Dion to make amends with Dante DiPaolo, a celebrity chef and previous mentor with whom Dion had a falling-out. Dion balks, but Tommy reminds him how he pushed Tommy to contact Aidan Moran. "Eyes on the prize," Tommy says.

At school, TJ and Lee stare at their mural, which has been covered in black spray paint. TJ's counselor, Anna Davis, notices Andre Walker watching from a distance.

Dion and Tommy drop in on Dante at his high-end restaurant. When Dion gets tongue-tied, Tommy takes over, inviting Dante to dinner at Thirio. If he likes it, Tommy says Dante could give Thirio a "shout-out" on his blog. Dante explains that Dion stole his recipes and refuses to support Dion's new venture. Dion offers a sincere apology, but Dante doesn't buy it and insults Dion as he walks off. Dion receives a text from Patrick, who's on his way.

Anna serves as a mediator for TJ, Andre, Lee and their parents. Andre apologizes for vandalizing the mural, but Anna still suspends him for two days. Anna assures Tommy that TJ will be protected when Andre returns to school.

At grief group, Tommy speculates that his paranoia about Dion and Rie was part of his grieving process. The group leader discusses the importance of intimacy and asks Pilar to share her feelings. Pilar talks about the sweet gestures she misses from her late husband.

Dion brings Patrick the cocaine and admits he sold some of it to pay Patrick back on time. Dion explains that Thirio has struggled since the shooting and money is tight. He offers himself up for punishment. Patrick has Dion step inside the van.

Patrick takes Dion to a waterfront construction site and offers Dion a way to quickly pay off his debt. Patrick wants to create a restaurant there with Dion. He dismisses Thirio as a failed experiment and guarantees this prime real estate will bring in clientele. "I'm offering you freedom," Patrick explains. Dion faces the water, thinking it over. While Patrick takes a call, his eyes drift down to Dion's rear end. Patrick gives Dion 24 hours to make a decision.

In his office, Aidan's accountant advises him to "pull the plug" on Thirio because he's broke. She wonders where she'll find the money for Aidan's "alternative medicine," but Aidan says he's done with that -- it's not working anyway.

At the restaurant, Tommy makes an excuse so that Pilar will follow him to their rooftop greenhouse.

Aidan supervises as TJ cleans one of Aidan's guns.

Tommy presents Pilar with a surprise candlelit picnic dinner in the greenhouse. He says "Oscar was onto something" with his small gestures and apologizes for not paying more attention to her. Tommy asks if they can "start over."

That evening, Marisa Gallo goes to bed and finds a tooth under her pillow.

After another slow night at Thirio, the kitchen crew throws away the excess food they've prepared for service. Minutes before closing, Mose announces a guy at the door looking for dinner - it's Dante, who's decided that a chance to "destroy" Dion was "too good to pass up." The crew springs into action and hustles to create a tasting menu from scratch for Dante.

Dion interrupts Tommy and Pilar kissing in the greenhouse - he needs Tommy downstairs. Tommy guesses Dante stopped by late and unannounced on purpose, but Dion is pleased he showed up at all.

When Dante sends back a half-eaten plate of food and pays more attention to his phone than the meal, Dion becomes unhinged. Tommy instructs Mose to clean all further plates before bringing them back into the kitchen.

Giordano arrives at Marisa's apartment. She suspects the Tooth Fairy broke in to leave the tooth as a message for him - not her. Giordano wants Marisa to come home with him, but she refuses and reminds him that he severely injured Ziggy while arresting him. Giordano angrily says he wasn't "the one who crossed the line," admitting that his missing tooth was Patrick's way of getting him back for fracturing Ziggy's skull. Marisa agrees to install a security system in her apartment as long as Giordano promises to back off of the Woijchiks.

At Thirio, Dante remains on his cell phone through the five-course meal. For dessert, he makes a special request for chocolate soufflé, knowing Dion doesn't have the 45 minutes necessary to prepare it. Dion promises something even better.

In the kitchen, Dion retrieves a chocolate cake from the trash, scrapes off the refuse, cuts it into the shape of a "T" and drizzles it with chocolate ganache.

In the dining room, Dion and Tommy watch nervously as Dante takes one bite of his dessert then gets up to leave. Dion chases after Dante, begging for his real opinion of the food. Val rushes in holding her cell phone: Dante has been live-blogging ecstatic reviews of his meal. Thirio's phone starts to ring as reservations pour in. Tommy invites Dante to stay for a drink to show his appreciation.

Outside, Dion yells in relief and excitement.

In his bedroom, TJ receives a cell phone call from a female who claims she's "Mommy calling from heaven" and blames TJ for her death. When the prank caller starts to giggle, Andre takes the phone from her and threatens to get revenge on TJ for getting him in trouble. TJ hangs up and fumes.

Over a bottle of wine, Tommy and Dante reminisce about Dion's younger days.

Giordano corners Dion outside. He demands Dion's help killing Patrick and says he'll be back in touch "about the details."

Dion walks back into Tommy's place as Dante starts to tell a story about a wild night in the Hamptons several years back. Realizing what's coming, Dion tries to cut the conversation short, but Tommy insists on hearing the rest. Dante shares how Dion snuck out of the party and into a bedroom with a "hot black chick" who was "one of the other chefs." According to Dante, Dion kept him up all night "with that headboard banging against the wall." Tommy realizes he's talking about Rie - and Dion lied about not sleeping with her. Tommy and Dion lock eyes as Dante continues the story, oblivious.