Season 1, Episode 6

The Wild West

Revisiting the past, Tommy questions Dion's friendship with Rie. Uninvited guests threaten to derail the restaurant's soft opening.

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Full Recap

Outside the restaurant, a local news station interviews Tommy Moran and Dion Patras about Thirio. Dion calls the Bronx "the Wild West" and gives credit to "Tommy's late wife" for the restaurant's concept. Tommy rushes off as soon as they finish taping. Dion tries to lessen Tommy's anxiety about Thirio's "friends and family" soft opening that night.

In her office, Pilar Herrera confronts Dion about $15,000 in disbursements that remain unaccounted for. He distracts her by flirting and asks her to hostess. She obliges, but warns that Aidan Moran won't issue another installment until he sees receipts -- meaning Dion's crew won't get paid without them.

At the hospital, Patrick Woijchik tells his comatose father that he took care of the guy "who did this to you." Gekko arrives; he's set up a meeting with Chu, the leader of the Asian mob. Behind them, Ziggy Woijchik opens his eyes, but nobody notices.

At Dion's request, Stavros Patras creates fake receipts from Ronaldo's Wine Shoppe. Dion mentions getting his lawyer pregnant. Stavros offers support; he considers Dion a son.

In his bedroom, Tommy searches for photos the news station can use in its coverage of Thirio. He checks Rie Moran's laptop and opens a folder labeled "Rie's Recipes (Dion)" that contains several video files of her cooking while Dion films. Tommy watches one in which Rie banters comfortably with Dion when he interrupts her demonstration.

Dion meets Marisa Gallo outside her office and apologizes for how he handled the news of her pregnancy. He invites her to Thirio's private opening, though she doubts the food will satisfy her chocolate pudding and potato chip cravings. Marisa offers to consider a "parenting role" for him if he's interested. Before he can respond, Dion receives an urgent text about a kitchen crisis.

At the restaurant, Dion learns the gas and hot water have been cut off. Pilar calls the gas company and discovers their bill wasn't paid. Dion coaches her through a lie about a gas leak to get immediate attention. Dion berates Pilar for her mistake, but Tommy defends her. Pilar and Tommy share a moment before Tommy goes to calm Dion down. The kitchen crew picks up on their chemistry, and Val suggests Pilar show "more cleavage."

Patrick and Chu meet at a Chinese restaurant. Chu mentions her nephew - the man who stabbed Ziggy and who Patrick consequently had killed - and warns of full-out war. She asks for her cocaine, but Patrick feigns ignorance and orders her out of his territory. He leaves the meeting and tells Gekko to "move the product."

Realizing there's no emergency at the restaurant, the gas company employee refuses to turn the gas on. Dion tries unsuccessfully to bribe him. Tommy blames Dion for assuming he could "bend the rules" and stalks off. Dion shoves his fake receipts at Pilar.

Mose connects a long hose from the main gas line to Thirio's and opens the valve. He gives TJ Moran a "thumbs up." TJ rushes into the kitchen and signals to the crew. Everyone cheers when they're able to light the burners and start prepping for service.

Getting ready for the soft opening, Pilar unbuttons her blouse to expose her bra; Tommy looks at himself in the mirror; Dion snorts a line of coke.

In his bedroom, Tommy watches another video from Rie's laptop. Rie cooks while Dion zooms in on her and flirts. Pilar walks in, prompting Tommy to pause the video. Pilar gives Tommy an "opening night present," an engraved sommelier's corkscrew, and tells him how much she's enjoyed getting to know him. She leans towards Tommy as he stares at the image of Rie. TJ walks in, reminding Tommy of his plans to take TJ to the art store. Tommy thanks Pilar for the gift and leaves her standing alone.

Mose follows Pilar to her office and asks for a kitchen job. She brushes him off and angrily starts to log Dion's new receipts. Mose recognizes the one for Ronaldo's; one of his squad mates worked there before it closed.

Pilar storms into Dion's bedroom and confronts him about the fake receipts. Dion insists they have to "cut some corners." Pilar threatens to get Aidan involved, but Dion says, "Aidan wrote the book on cheating." Dion grabs Pilar and kisses her. She punches him in the face, then kisses him back. They have sex on the couch.

During the soft opening that night, Dion and his crew hustle in the kitchen while Tommy serves wine at the tables. Stavros and a table full of prostitutes toast to one another. Tommy overhears Aidan telling his investor guests that he's not "settled on the chef" and bad-mouthing the service.

One of the prostitutes recognizes her client at Aidan's table and waves to him. His wife notices.

Marisa arrives at Thirio. Mose serves her chocolate pudding and potato chips as "compliments of the chef." She spots Pilar and admits she's conflicted about getting involved with Dion. She asks Pilar to let her know if Dion has any other women in his life.

In the middle of service, an uninvited woman walks in and introduces herself as Nancy Hinson from Child Protective Services for TJ's surprise visit. Aidan overhears. Nancy observes TJ working in the kitchen and asks to see his living space.

Tommy leads Nancy and TJ upstairs to TJ's bedroom. As soon as she starts to speak to TJ, Dion barges in, demanding wine for the guests. When Tommy explains what's happening, Dion introduces himself and declares that TJ is "just going through a rough patch." Nancy asks to speak to TJ alone. Outside the room, Tommy scolds Dion, a felon, for telling Nancy his full name.

Nancy returns downstairs with TJ, concerned about the "disruption" of a restaurant in his residence. Aidan wheels over and grabs Tommy and TJ's hands. Introducing himself as TJ's grandfather, Aidan says TJ is "more than OK," and assures Nancy that "you can't find a more supportive family." Appeased, Nancy says there will be at least one more surprise visit, then leaves.

In the dining room, Stavros proposes a toast to the restaurant and the guests applaud wildly.

The crew celebrates on the roof after service. Tommy isn't drinking, but offers to replenish their Champagne. Downstairs, Tommy spots Pilar on her way out. He encourages her to stay and celebrate with them, but she leaves abruptly.

In his bedroom, Tommy opens another one of Rie's videos. He fights back tears watching as Rie feeds Dion a piece of cake and Dion tenderly wipes icing from her lips.

Back on the roof, Patrick interrupts the crew's celebration. He pulls Dion aside and tells him he needs the cocaine back. Dion promises to return it the next day. Tommy returns to the roof and passes Patrick on his way out. Tommy questions Dion's relationship with Patrick, but Dion tells him not to worry.

On the street below, two Asian men on motorcycles drive up to Patrick's van and start shooting. Stunned, the crew watches from above as Patrick slides open the door and returns fire with an automatic machine-gun, killing the motorcyclists. Their bodies lie in the street.

Later, Dion and Tommy watch a news report of the shooting with Thirio's marquee featured prominently in the background. Calls pour in with reservation cancellations. Tommy asks Dion again why Patrick was there: "Can any part of you answer that without lying?" Deflecting, Dion promises they're going to be OK. "I don't know about that," Tommy says cryptically.

The next morning, Tommy visits Rie's grave. He says it's a good thing Rie can't talk because "the first thing I'd ask is, 'Did you sleep with Dion?'"