Season 1, Episode 5

Gimme a T

Tommy lashes out as he struggles through Rie's birthday for the first time since her death. Meanwhile, Dion gets some life-changing news.

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Full Recap

TJ Moran lies in bed and remembers his late mother, Rie, blowing out a birthday candle. Tommy Moran tries to get TJ up, admitting that the thought of Rie's upcoming birthday is hitting him hard as well. Tommy promises they'll get through it together.

Downstairs in the kitchen, Dion Patras and his crew are finalizing Thirio's menu. Mose carries in two giant letters he's found for the restaurant's marquee. With their opening six days away, Tommy hammers Pilar Herrera when he finds out they don't have a liquor license yet. Their conversation is interrupted when Pilar receives a text: Blanca is awake. Pilar says she knows "a guy in the restaurant business" who might help, but Tommy sends her to Blanca and tells her he'll take care of the license himself.

When Tommy snaps at him, Dion pulls Tommy aside and offers his support getting through Rie's birthday.

Tommy visits Aidan Moran's office and asks him to use his connections to expedite the liquor license. Aidan pushes back: Tommy hated Aidan's "unscrupulous life," but now he wants to benefit from it. Tommy reminds Aidan that the restaurant won't make money if they can't sell wine. Aidan starts to feel ill and Jensen pushes Tommy out. As he leaves, Tommy hears his father vomiting.

Patrick Woijchik talks to his comatose father at the hospital. He says he took care of the prison guard "just like you taught me" and promises to "find the rat" in their organization who leaked information of his visit.

Pilar runs into Patrick in the hospital hallway and tells him about Blanca. Pilar starts to mention liquor licenses, but Gekko interrupts to talk business with Patrick. Gekko says he knows who tipped off the Asians.

At the restaurant, Dion begs Tommy for money from Aidan's next payment, but Tommy has nothing to give.

In his room, Dion makes another baggie of baking soda mixed with cocaine from Patrick's stash.

At school, TJ paints a mural of Rie dressed as a chef. His friend Lee asks if he remembers anything about Rie's accident. TJ shakes his head "no." Andre Walker approaches and makes fun of TJ's painting. Lee defends TJ and Andre shoves her. TJ lunges at Andre and wildy beats him.

Marisa Gallo stops by the restaurant, looking for Dion. He's not there, so Marissa asks Pilar to have him meet her at a family clinic. Agitated, Pilar urges Marissa to reconsider terminating her pregnancy. Pilar alludes to an abortion of her own and encourages Marisa to keep the baby.

Detective Giordano gives Dion a wire to wear the next time he meets with The Tooth Fairy. Dion balks, fearful of what Patrick would do if he found out. Giordano reminds Dion that he put chef Kevin in jail and Dion owes "pro quo."

Dion returns to the restaurant and finds Marisa in Pilar's office. Marisa shows Dion her positive pregnancy test and says Pilar changed her mind -- she won't be getting an abortion. Marisa storms out when Dion can't hide his anger.

Dion fills Tommy in on the situation and takes a bump of coke. TJ's school counselor, Anna Davis, walks TJ into the restaurant, bringing him home after Tommy didn't answer his phone. She hears Dion addressed as "chef" and realizes he lied about being TJ's support person. Anna tells Tommy about TJ's fight and subsequent suspension, but Tommy insists TJ must have been provoked. Anna looks around and informs Tommy that she'll be calling Child Protective Services and he can expect an unannounced visit.

That night, Patrick has dinner at home with his cousin, Billy. They lift their glasses in a toast, then Gekko strangles Billy as Patrick looks Billy in the eye and says he knows Billy is "the rat."

The next day, Aidan calls in a favor with someone he helped illegally in the past: Thirio's liquor license will be expedited. Aidan's concierge doctor, Dr. Bob, informs him that only a bone marrow transplant can treat his relapsed leukemia. Without a match, Aidan has less than a year to live -- and blood relatives are his best bet.

On Rie's birthday, TJ places a pink peony at her sidewalk memorial.

Tommy visits Rie's gravesite and is surprised to find Dion there with flowers, but Dion reminds Tommy that he knew Rie before Tommy did. They share a moment before Dion leaves Tommy alone.

Tommy remembers singing "Happy Birthday" to Rie with Dion and TJ at a cupcake shop. She blows out her candle and wishes for a perfect opening night at Thirio -- and a pony.

Tommy replaces the bouquet of peonies at Rie's gravesite and adds a small toy pony.

A phone call from Patrick interrupts Dion at the restaurant. Patrick orders Dion to come to his house.

TJ hits the punching bag gingerly in Aidan's gym. He shows Aidan his knuckles, bruised and bloody from hitting Andre, and nods when Aidan asks if he won the fight. Aidan smiles proudly; he has something new to show TJ while his hands heal.

Pilar finds Tommy on his roof, drunk and angry at Rie for leaving "this stinking hole in my life." He admits it's hard to stay strong for TJ and asks how Pilar remains optimistic. "Tomorrow will be better," she says encouragingly. Tommy agrees: "Tomorrow won't be Rie's birthday."

In his room, Dion studies Giordano's wire.

Marisa meets Giordano at a bar and shares news of her pregnancy but warns that "the father's not in the picture." Giordano grows emotional over being a grandfather and assures her that "you're not doing this alone. Whatever you need, I'm here for you." He receives a text from Dion that reads "TF House 45 min" and gets up to leave. Marisa warns him to be careful: "I need you."

At Aidan's personal shooting range, TJ fires a pistol at a paper target and grins. Aidan nods approvingly.

Dion tapes Giordano's wire to his chest before heading to Patrick's house.

Giordano waits in his car nearby to listen. Patrick chats with Dion about food before inviting him to look in the fridge. Billy's severed head sits on a shelf. Patrick warns Dion against betraying him. He gives Dion a thorough pat-down but finds no wire -- Dion tossed it in the trash on his way over.

Outside, Dion tells Giordano he's not working for him anymore because what Patrick could do to Dion is "a thousand times worse" than anything Giordano can imagine.

That night, Jensen brings TJ home. TJ ignores Tommy's questions about the fight with Andre. Tommy grabs TJ and yells at him, begging him to talk: "I can't help you if you don't say something!" TJ tears up and runs off.

On the roof with Tommy, Dion observes, "You aren't angry at TJ because he can't talk. You're angry at Rie because she can't talk." Tommy receives a text: Thirio's liquor license was approved. Relieved and ready to move forward, Dion agrees to get rid of his cocaine and Tommy agrees to ease up on his drinking. Tommy notices the completed Thirio marquee. "Five days," he muses.

Tommy apologizes to TJ, who's in bed sketching a birthday card for Rie.

Dion stuffs Patrick's cocaine inside the "T" of the Thirio marquee.

Tommy and TJ scroll through old family photos on a laptop. They come across a photo of Dion, Rie and Tommy at a football game. Tommy notices Dion and Rie holding each other's gaze while Tommy's attention is on the game. Tommy remembers a similar look between them at Rie's last birthday. He stares at the photo in silence.