Season 1, Episode 4

Secret Sauce

Tommy and Dion scheme to reclaim Thirio from Aidan's arrogant chef. Meanwhile, Dion's reckless scramble to pay the Tooth Fairy puts TJ at risk.

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Full Recap

On Tommy Moran's rooftop, the kitchen crew wears matching white uniforms while smoking a joint and complaining about Kevin Mahoney, their new executive chef. Kevin appears and orders them back to work. Dion Patras chucks a half-eaten apple at Kevin, just missing his head, but Kevin lets them all know they don't scare him.

Kevin gives Tommy suggestions for Thirio's wine list and instructs Pilar Herrera to arrange for a health inspection that Monday. Tommy apologizes to Pilar for the previous night's awkward ending.

Patrick Woijchik, "The Tooth Fairy," visits his comatose father at the hospital. He whispers a promise to "step up" and do things Ziggy's way. The doctor arrives. She tells Patrick that Ziggy is near death and recommends he "let nature take its course." Patrick threatens her by sending her son a text that reads "CALL MOMMY NOW." He warns her not to let Ziggy die.

At the warehouse, Tommy rejects heat lamps Kevin has ordered for the kitchen pass-through because they go against Rie's designs. Dion vents to Tommy about Kevin's pedestrian cooking style and "secret sauce," but Tommy says their hands are tied.

Dion intervenes when Billy walks in and Kevin tries to shove him out. Dion ushers Billy outside to the van, where Dion assures Patrick that the cocaine stash is safe. Patrick raises the amount of Dion's payments to $6,000. Dion protests -- he can't afford that along with restaurant expenses -- but Patrick remains unmoved.

Pilar stops by La Cubana Loca to ask Blanca for advice about health inspections. Blanca offers to help later -- she's busy with her own restaurant. She trips over a case of soda and hits her head on the floor, but shakes it off and sends Pilar away.

TJ Moran hangs out with Lee on the field after school. Andre Walker throws a glass bottle at him and it shatters on the bench, triggering a flashback of Rie's accident. TJ opens his sketchbook and adds cracked glass to his drawing of flying birds.

TJ's counselor, Anna Davis, finds Tommy waiting in the school parking lot. She shows him TJ's recent drawings containing brighter colors and more people -- a positive sign. Tommy pulls out a drawing of TJ cooking with Dion, who Anna thinks is making a difference in TJ's life.

Dion frantically calls his uncle for money to pay Patrick. Stavros Patras mentions a guy in New Jersey who owes him for a job.

Patrick executes the prison guard who allowed Ziggy to get stabbed.

A young woman, Laura, stops by Thirio to ask about a job. Dion flirts and shows her around. Tommy offers her a waitress application, but Laura explains that she's a cook and was already hired by her dad, Kevin. Dion is furious; he'll now have to "unhire" one of his own crew. Tommy tries to convince Dion to accept that they're stuck in their contract. "I don't get stuck in anything," Dion declares.

Dion interrupts Marisa at work for advice on getting out of the contract. Marisa deems the contract valid since Dion signed it.

Patrick's goons recognize Stavros driving down the street on his motorcycle. They run him off the road and into a parked car.

Aidan Moran's accountant, Ruth Cline, informs Aidan that he's lost a scaffolding contract to a competitor. The income from that contract was supposed to cover Aidan's medical expenses and his restaurant investment. "You're running out of money," she warns.

Dion stops by Stavros's office and finds him in a neck brace without the money from New Jersey.

Detective Giordano is waiting for Dion outside the brothel. Dion demands something from Giordano in return for intel on The Tooth Fairy: "Quid pro quo."

Pilar arrives at her sister's apartment as Blanca is loaded into an ambulance. Blanca's husband says she didn't wake up that morning. Tommy calls Pilar for an update on business, but he tells her to focus on her sister upon hearing the news.

Dion asks Tommy for money, worried that his kitchen crew will quit if they aren't paid, but Aidan hasn't sent the next installment.

Dion snorts some of Patrick's cocaine, then mixes a few ounces with baking soda and seals it in a plastic baggie.

That night, Dion takes TJ with him to the Hunts Point wholesale food market. While Eduardo pays Dion for the baggie of cocaine, TJ wanders over to a truck covered in graffiti. TJ pulls up his hoodie and starts to add some designs of his own. A patrolling officer startles TJ, who hides the marker in his pocket. The officer throws TJ to the ground when TJ doesn't answer his questions. Dion intervenes at the last second and takes TJ home.

Tommy stops by Aidan's house and threatens to suspend TJ's visits if he doesn't make a payment. When Aidan doesn't bite, Tommy softens. Aidan calls Tommy a terrible negotiator but says he'll talk to his accountant.

At the hospital, Pilar unknowingly sits next to Patrick in the waiting area. She bursts into tears over the stress of Blanca and managing Thirio. "I used to own a restaurant," Patrick says wistfully.

At Tommy's place, Dion warns TJ that what happened with the officer is bound to happen again because TJ is black, and the hoodie "doesn't help." He advises TJ to "do exactly what they say" in the future.

Kevin, having installed his lamps against Tommy's wishes, tells Tommy that Rie was a good artist, but isn't here.

Dion, dressed in kitchen whites, sincerely apologizes to Kevin for behaving unprofessionally. Dion tells Tommy that if they fight Kevin, "we're the ones who end up with black eyes."

Back at the hospital, Patrick makes a phone call. Pilar's health inspection request will be expedited by the Deputy Mayor's office. He promises she'll pass.

The next morning, Dion strolls into work late after spending the night out. He catches Tommy and TJ about to leave for school. TJ refuses to wear his hoodie, and Dion tells Tommy what happened at Hunts Point. Dion says he talked to TJ about handling harassment from cops for "existing while black." Tommy admonishes Dion for his audacity -- that was his job as TJ's father.

Pilar pulls up and tells Tommy that the inspection is set. Tommy responds half-heartedly. Pilar informs Tommy that Blanca has a brain bleed and sarcastically "thanks" him for asking.

As TJ practices his boxing in Aidan's gym, Jensen wheels Aidan to the side and gives him an injection. TJ shows interest in the gun strapped to Aidan's ankle, and Aidan allows him to hold it.

That night, Dion compliments Kevin's marinade. Suspicious, Kevin asks about Dion's sudden change in behavior. Dion remembers being happy even in prison because he was allowed to cook: "What am I doing complaining about this gig?"

Tommy sits on TJ's bed and explains that he and Rie planned to prepare TJ for encounters like the one at Hunts Point. He encourages TJ to be himself.

Dion and Kevin down shots at a bar. Dion brags about a woman he just slept with and pulls up a racy photo of Laura -- Kevin's daughter. Kevin slugs Dion. Giordano rushes over to break up the fight and Kevin head-butts him. Giordano flashes his badge and cuffs Kevin for hitting a cop. "There's your 'quid,'" Giordano tells Dion. "You owe me 'pro quo.'"

The next day, Dion hands Patrick a wad of cash. At the same time, Patrick receives a call from Pilar with news that the inspection went well.

Later, on the roof with Tommy, Dion burns his uniform. He hurls a jar of Kevin's sauce at a street lamp and misses, admitting that being nice to Kevin was all a con. Tommy brings up TJ and says Dion should stay the "cool uncle." Dion agrees -- he doesn't want to be the dad.

In her bathroom, Marisa curses at a positive pregnancy test.

The kitchen crew prepares dinner. Kevin's lamps no longer hang in the pass-through.

On the roof, Tommy and Dion toast to each other. TJ brings out food and takes a seat next to Dion. Tommy watches Dion spoon food into TJ's mouth, then throws a jar of Kevin's sauce at the street lamp. The light explodes.