Season 1, Episode 3

Screw You, Randy

Tommy and Dion bring Thirio to life with Rie's designs. But in order to pay for it all, the guys have to resort to crime.

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Full Recap

Tommy Moran stands in the shower, watching blood from the fight with his father Aidan swirl down the drain. Dion Patras barges into the bathroom, demanding an explanation for Tommy's phone call about not working with Aidan. Tommy says he saw bruises on his son TJ and confronted Aidan, but Dion explains that the bruises are from TJ's school bully -- a fact he forgot to mention earlier. Dion tells Tommy that TJ wants to handle things himself, then begs Tommy to apologize to Aidan. Tommy says Aidan can wait until he deals with TJ's situation.

The next day, Tommy meets with TJ's school counselor, Anna, who assures Tommy of their zero-tolerance policy for bullying. She suggests TJ might have gotten the bruises elsewhere, but Tommy says he knows "what bruises look like on a kid who's getting beat up." Anna pries for more information about Tommy's own childhood, but he deflects her questions. Anna promises to investigate and recommends Tommy lean on his "support person," Dion.

Outside the school, Dion insists Tommy make amends with Aidan. They need his money because Dion's already hired a contractor.

At Aidan's house, Tommy apologizes and explains the misunderstanding, asking Aidan to reconsider investing in Thirio. Aidan brushes him off: "I never said I wouldn't. We fought. You lost." Plus, Aidan adds, the contract says they're opening in four weeks. Stunned at the nearly impossible turnaround time, Tommy starts to respond, but Dion shuts him down. Aidan hands over a $75,000 check to cover start-up costs, with weekly installments to follow.

At grief group, Tommy opens up about having Aidan back in his life and admits he doesn't know anything about running a restaurant -- his late wife Rie was supposed to be in charge of that part. After the meeting, Pilar Herrera offers to manage Thirio for free until Tommy can pay her.

Visiting his father in prison, Patrick Woijchik updates his father, Ziggy, on Dion's repayment plan, and promises Thirio will be a place to "legitimize" their income. When Ziggy calls him "soft," Patrick proudly reveals he's stolen the Asians' cocaine shipment. "I said keep Chu out of our territory," Ziggy berates him. "I never said to steal it." Ziggy orders Patrick to divide the "merch" and hide it for a year.

At Tommy's place, Dion admires his expensive new kitchen equipment and slips the contractor some cash to speed up the renovations. Tommy shows Pilar to her makeshift office, hands her a stack of papers and instructs Dion to give her all receipts.

Pilar immediately calls her sister, Blanca, for help. Realizing that Pilar knows nothing about restaurant management, Blanca recommends she focus on the basics and keep track of the money.

As the work proceeds, Tommy questions Dion's kitchen design. Dion insists he "talked this through" with Rie and tells Tommy to relax and focus on the wine.

In her office, Anna talks to TJ about other kids at the school with issues. TJ looks up when she mentions Andre's name.

Back at Tommy's, Pilar suggests hiring Mose from grief group. Since he's a veteran with disabilities, the restaurant will get paid to employ him. Tommy enthusiastically approves.

Tommy again orders Dion to let Pilar manage the money. Dion brushes Tommy off and warmly greets his old kitchen crew, who have just arrived to work for him at double their old pay. When Habib mentions visa concerns, Dion slides him some cash to pay for a lawyer.

During TJ's weekly visit, Aidan offers to teach him self-defense. Aidan coaches TJ on a heavy punching bag in his home gym until he loses steam and his aide Jensen wheels him out.

Dion walks his kitchen crew through menu ideas and Tommy samples the food to determine wine pairings. Suddenly, the noise from a nail gun triggers Mose's PTSD. He whirls around, grabs the nail gun, and points it at a construction worker's head. After he recovers, Mose warns the stunned crowd against surprising him.

Pilar storms into the kitchen and confronts Dion about his expensive equipment purchases. Dion has her sample food from two plates -- one made in Tommy's cheap skillet and one made in a $700 pan -- and she admits there's a difference. Dion receives a text and rushes out.

Driving away, Dion is intercepted by Patrick's van. Detective Giordano watches as Dion gets inside. Patrick pulls $10,000 cash out of Dion's pocket and orders him to hold on to a duffel bag full of the Asians' cocaine. Patrick threatens to take all of Dion's teeth if "even one flake" goes missing.

Dion hides the cocaine inside a seat cushion from his bedroom couch, then takes it out again to snort a line from the stash.

Pilar and Tommy confront Dion: They're out of money because Dion is "throwing cash around like confetti," and now there's no way to pay for wine. Dion suggests stealing from Tommy's old boss, Frank. Tommy refuses to break the law.

That night, Tommy encourages TJ to come to him if there's more trouble at school.

Detective Giordano assesses a crime scene. Another detective guesses the victim's murder was fallout from the Asians' cocaine getting stolen -- and he thinks Ziggy Woijchik was behind that heist.

At Tommy's place, Pilar presents him with six bottles of inexpensive wine, hoping they'll meet his standards for the restaurant. He has Pilar sample a Châteauneuf-du-Pape instead and teaches her the basics of wine tasting. As they finish the bottle later that evening, Tommy tells her that Dion's parents were murdered when Dion was a child and that his own mother left Aidan when he was a baby. "Sometimes 'sad and lonely' is all it takes for two people to click," Tommy says, reminiscing about their friendship. Tommy begs Pilar to stay with the restaurant despite Dion's behavior, and she agrees. They lean in and kiss. Tommy quickly pulls away and says it's "too soon" after Rie. The awkward silence is interrupted by a video call from Dion.

Tommy watches over the phone as Dion, Mose and Stavros Patras grab random cases of wine at Frank's warehouse. Tommy is at first furious about the burglary, but then gives in and instructs them on which wines to take. Randy, a security guard, catches them in the act, surprising Mose, who punches him in the throat and kicks him to the ground.

Dion brings the stolen wine to Tommy's place, confident that Frank's insurance will cover the replacement cost. Tommy receives a phone call from a wine rep friend and is horrified to learn about Randy's severe injuries. Dion calls it "collateral damage." He encourages Tommy to look at Thirio's stocked wine cave and remember that Randy stood in the way of Rie's dreams. "Screw you, Randy!" Tommy yells with conviction.

The next day at school, TJ overhears Andre telling Anna that his mom is in jail.

Dion finds Detective Giordano waiting in his bedroom at Tommy's place. Giordano believes the Woijchiks stole the Asians' cocaine shipment and orders Dion to find out where Patrick is laundering the money.

Patrick visits Ziggy in prison and assures him that the stolen cocaine is hidden away safely. An Asian prisoner sitting near Ziggy nods at the guard, and the guard exits the visitation room. The Asian man pulls out a shiv and stabs Ziggy repeatedly while Patrick pounds the glass and screams for help.

Tommy and Dion study Rie's sketch and look out into the renovated kitchen bringing it to life. Aidan arrives with Kevin, who he's installing as Thirio's chef per the contract. Pilar reminds Dion that he said the contract issues she pointed out would "go away." Kevin extends his hand to Dion. "It's an honor to have you working for me," Kevin says. Tommy and Dion stare at each other in silence.