Season 1, Episode 2

Father of the Year

Tommy and Dion court an unlikely investor - Tommy's estranged father. TJ's troubles at school lead to a dangerous misunderstanding at home.

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Full Recap

In a flashback, TJ Moran talks and laughs with his mother, Rie, as they make coffee at home.

In the present, TJ gazes at the coffeemaker and draws in his sketchbook. Tommy Moran rushes him out of the house for school. As they leave, Dion Patras reminds Tommy to talk to his father, Aidan Moran, about investing in their restaurant.

Tommy drops TJ off at school, then heads to a wine shop. When the owner doesn't place an order, Tommy reminds him about the Sonoma Chardonnay he loved only days ago. The owner corrects him -- it was Merlot, and he actually bought less than usual. Tommy chugs the leftover tasting wine, then accidentally backs into construction cones as he drives away. The owner makes a phone call as he watches.

At Tommy's place, Dion looks out the window and sees Patrick Woijchik's van. He brings over a tray of espresso and assures Patrick that he's lined up an investor for the restaurant. Patrick gives him 48 hours to produce a contract as proof.

Pilar Herrera calls Tommy about wine recommendations for her sister's restaurant and offers to stop by his place to discuss them. Their conversation is cut short when Tommy's boss, Frank, calls.

At school, TJ spots his bully, Andre, in the hallway. TJ bolts into the girls' bathroom, slamming the door of a stall behind him. He turns around and sees Lee, a young girl drawing a mural on the stall wall. She asks if TJ is "the kid who doesn't talk." He draws his name on the wall, then incorporates it into her design. They draw together in silence.

Tommy arrives at Frank's wine warehouse. Frank brings up Tommy's recent performance issues, citing complaints from clients, but Tommy blames it on the neighborhood and quits.

At home, Dion convinces Tommy to talk to Aidan and volunteers to accompany him.

Patrick visits his father, Ziggy, in prison. Ziggy warns that the Asians are expecting a drug shipment and they're invading the Woijchiks' territory. Patrick claims he already "sent them a message" -- code for pulling teeth. Ziggy asks about Dion's debt. When Patrick points out that "you can't get money out of a dead man," Ziggy says killing Dion will "send a message that actually means something."

At Aidan's office, Dion psychs up Tommy before their meeting. When Aidan enters, he greets Tommy coldly. Tommy falters while pitching his idea for the restaurant. Dion takes over, promising that Aidan will profit from investing in the changing neighborhood. He invites Aidan to sample Thirio's menu that night.

Back at home, Dion and Tommy plan Aidan's tasting menu. Pilar drops by unannounced, and Dion volunteers to pick up TJ from school so Tommy and Pilar can chat.

Anna, the school counselor, stops Dion from picking TJ up. Dion claims he's TJ's new "support person" and authorized to do so. Anna is pleased that "Tommy's reaching out for some help." Andre bangs on the car window, startling TJ as they prepare to drive away. TJ winces and shows Dion his side, covered in bruises. Dion immediately jumps to confront Andre, but TJ stops him. Dion agrees to let TJ handle the situation himself.

Dion and TJ stop by Stavros's brothel. Dion asks a prostitute to look after TJ while he tells Stavros about his new arrangement with Patrick. Dion requests more cash to buy ingredients for that night's tasting. They're interrupted by yelling from upstairs.

Outside the brothel, TJ and the prostitute hear a woman scream. TJ has a flashback of his mom and a flock of birds.

Inside the brothel, Patrick's goon Billy curses at a prostitute he's given a bloody nose. Stavros threatens Billy with a baseball bat, but stops when Patrick lays a pair of pliers on his shoulder. Patrick stuffs cash into Stavros's shirt pocket and leads Billy out.

Waiting outside in the car, Dion watches TJ draw birds in his sketchbook. Walking out, Patrick spots Dion and taps his watch as a warning. Stavros knocks on the car window and hands Dion a wad of cash, warning him to be careful.

Dion stops at the wholesale food market and asks a meat vendor for some "spiceî along with other ingredients. The vendor slips him a small bag of cocaine and mentions the huge shipment the Asians are waiting on.

That night at Tommy's place, TJ assists Dion with prep in the kitchen. Upstairs, Tommy affixes his sommelier pin to the lapel of his jacket. He remembers a time when Rie and Dion helped him prepare for his sommelier exam.

Aidan arrives early for the tasting with his attendant, Jensen. Tommy introduces Aidan to TJ. Aidan dismissively asks to be fed.

Dion serves a decadent four-course meal, which Aidan treats callously. When Aidan drops a fork, TJ bends down to pick it up and notices a gun strapped to Aidan's ankle. After the tasting, Aidan agrees to invest in Thirio with a 50% stake under one condition: he sees TJ once a week. Tommy balks, but TJ tugs his sleeve and nods. Tommy acquiesces. Aidan hands over a thick contract and leaves. Tommy recommends they have a lawyer look over the paperwork before signing. Dion has one in mind.

Dion brings the contract to Marisa's apartment. Marisa refuses to work pro bono and sends him away. She returns inside for dinner with her mother and her father, Detective Giordano.

Dion suggests Tommy ask Pilar to look at the contract since his person was "busy."

Tommy calls Pilar, who agrees to look at the contract.

Before dropping him off at Aidan's house the next day, Tommy offers TJ an out. TJ declines.

Pilar asks her sister Blanca for advice about Tommy's contract. Blanca warns her the contract would "come back to bite" whoever signed it.

At the cemetery, Tommy talks to Rie's gravestone. He takes creative license with the story of how TJ ended up spending time with Aidan.

Aidan and TJ sit in silence on the couch at Aidan's house.

Pilar stops by Tommy's place. Only Dion is around. She advises against signing the contract, but Dion brushes off its issues: "They go away over time." Dion implies that if Pilar tells Tommy not to sign it, she'll "crush his dream."

Heading to the bathroom, TJ stares at a glass-enclosed gun case. Aidan scolds him for wandering.

At grief group, Pilar listens intently as Tommy reveals he's been feeling less depressed lately. Afterward, Tommy asks Pilar for her opinion on the contract.

Arriving home, Tommy catches Dion snorting cocaine and announces that Pilar approved the contract. After signing, Dion hastily runs out to "make a copy."

Outside, Giordano jumps the curb and cuts Dion off with his car. Giordano wants intel. Dion protests -- he's been busy with the restaurant. He doesn't have any dirt on Patrick, but he's heard about a big cocaine shipment the Asians are expecting. Giordano only cares about the Tooth Fairy.

That night, Aidan and Jensen drop TJ off at home. Aidan berates Tommy for not disciplining TJ.

Tommy sees TJ's bruises as he changes into pajamas. Tommy asks if TJ got the bruises that day, but TJ remains silent.

Tommy storms into Aidan's house, accuses him of hitting TJ and punches him in the face. "You're not doing that to him, too," Tommy snarls. Aidan fights back, forcing Tommy to the ground, pinning his neck with the wheelchair and pointing a gun at his head.

Outside in his car, Tommy calls Dion and screams into the phone: They're done doing business with Aidan.

Meanwhile, inside Patrick's van, Dion calmly listens to Tommy yelling as Patrick looks over Aidan's contract. Dion reassures Patrick with a smile: "All good."