Dion Patras is released from jail early after being imprisoned for burning down Ottavio’s, a restaurant owned by notorious tooth-pulling mobster Patrick “Tooth Fairy” Woijchick. Dion and Rie Moran were chefs at Ottavio’s, alongside sommelier Tommy Moran, Rie’s husband and Dion’s best friend.

On his way out of jail, Dion has sex with his lawyer, Marisa Gallo, in the visitation room. Afterwards, he heads to his uncle Stavros Patras’s brothel where Stavros gives him a fake passport, cash and a plane ticket to Paris.

Meanwhile, Tommy meets with his son TJ’s school counselor, Anna Davis. She’s concerned about Tommy’s drinking, as well as TJ’s failing grades. Since watching his mother, Rie, get killed in a hit-and-run, TJ hasn’t spoken a word and draws scenes from the accident as a way of coping with frequent flashbacks. Unbeknownst to Tommy, TJ is also being bullied by Andre Walker, another student.

Dion shows up at Tommy’s place, a dilapidated warehouse in the Bronx, looking for a place to stay until he can skip town. Tommy and Dion have lost touch since Rie’s death, but after drinking and reminiscing about the past, Dion admits he still wants to live out Rie’s dream of opening a Mediterranean restaurant called Thirio.

Patrick tracks Dion down and destroys his plane ticket, reminding Dion of the $600,000 debt he still owes from Ottavio’s. Dion promises Thirio will serve as both an income source and a method for Patrick to launder money. Patrick crushes Dion’s finger and threatens to kill Dion’s loved ones if he doesn’t pay. Later, Detective Giordano, the cop who put Patrick’s father, Ziggy, behind bars, promises to send Dion back to jail if he doesn’t provide “intel” on Patrick.

Dion convinces Tommy to ask his estranged father, Aidan Moran, for financial backing to open Thirio. Dion promises that Aidan will profit from investing in the first gourmet restaurant in the up-and-coming Bronx. Aidan agrees under the condition that he have weekly visits with TJ, then tosses them a contract to sign. Tommy asks Pilar Herrera — a widow he met at grief group who says she manages her sister’s restaurant — to review Aidan’s contract. Pilar shows the contract to her sister, who says the contract would “come back to bite” whoever signs it. Pilar tells Dion not to sign it, but he does anyway.

Patrick visits Ziggy in prison. Ziggy demeans Patrick, criticizing the way Patrick handles their business. He pressures Patrick to be more violent, so Patrick steals a cocaine shipment from the rival Asian mob and gives part of it to Dion for safekeeping. The Asian mob retaliates by stabbing Ziggy nearly to death. Patrick then has Ziggy’s attacker killed. Upon discovering that his own cousin, Billy, helped the Asians arrange Ziggy’s stabbing, Patrick also kills Billy. Chu, the leader of the Asian mob, threatens war if her cocaine is not returned.

Renovations begin at Tommy’s place, turning the empty warehouse into a fine dining establishment. Pilar offers to manage Thirio for free – though she lies about knowing how. Dion buys expensive equipment and employs his old kitchen crew, leaving no money to buy wine, so they steal it from the wine warehouse of Tommy’s old boss.

Aidan starts teaching TJ self-defense. When Andre shoves TJ’s friend at school, TJ beats Andre up. Anna tells Tommy that she’s calling Child Protective Services.

Tommy and Pilar’s romantic relationship progresses.

Aidan hires a new executive chef, Kevin Mahoney, to replace Dion — as permitted by the contract. Kevin hires his daughter as a cook, meaning Dion will have to “unhire” one of his own crew. Dion makes a deal with Giordano and has Kevin arrested in exchange for information about Patrick.

Pilar meets Patrick in the hospital waiting area when her sister is hospitalized after a fall and the two strike up a friendship.

Marisa discovers that she’s pregnant and visits Thirio to tell Dion. While there, she meets Pilar, who convinces her not to get an abortion and alludes to a terminated pregnancy of her own.

Aidan learns about TJ’s fight and teaches him how to fire a pistol. Andre continues to taunt TJ at school.

Pilar confronts Dion about missing restaurant cash. He’s been secretly stealing it to pay his debt to Patrick, so he distracts Pilar by kissing her and they end up having sex.

Thirio hosts a soft opening for family and friends. A woman from Child Protective Services shows up for TJ’s surprise visit. She’s concerned about the restaurant environment, but Aidan steps in and assures her the Morans are a supportive family.

Tommy comes across a folder on Rie’s laptop and finds videos of her cooking and flirting with Dion. Tommy demands to know if Dion slept with Rie, but Dion assures him they were just friends.

Patrick and the Asian mob have a shootout right outside Thirio. Following news coverage of the incident with the restaurant marquee in the background, most of Thirio’s scheduled guests cancel their reservations. Tommy and Dion ask Dion’s old mentor and celebrity chef Dante DiPaolo for help drumming up business. Dante initially refuses, still angry about Dion stealing his recipes, but then shows up at Thirio for a tasting menu and posts a glowing review on his blog. After Thirio’s phones start ringing again with reservations, Tommy and Dante drink and reminisce about Dion’s younger days. Dante inadvertently reveals that Dion did in fact sleep with Rie.

Patrick invites Dion to chef at a new Williamsburg restaurant he’s building as a way for Dion to fully pay off his debt.

After finding her father’s tooth under her pillow, Marisa learns that Patrick pulled it after Giordano injured Ziggy while arresting him.

Giordano demands Dion’s help killing Patrick and lays out a plan. Dion secretly records him and plays the audio for Marisa, not realizing that Giordano is her father.

Patrick and Pilar grow closer as friends. She admits she lied about being a widow and only joined grief group to meet guys. Patrick admits he loves someone who doesn’t see him “in the same way.”

Later, Patrick strangles an androgynous male prostitute after sleeping with him.

On opening night at Thirio, Tommy gets sloppy drunk and explodes at Dion. Tommy ends their friendship and kicks him out, although they’ll keep the restaurant open for a bit longer. Dion declines Patrick’s offer, citing his commitment to Tommy and Thirio.

Tommy confronts Dion, suspecting TJ might actually be his son. Dion says Rie was positive TJ belonged to Tommy.

Marisa plays Dion’s recording for Giordano and reveals that Dion is the father of her child. Giordano agrees to end his vendetta against the Woijchiks so he can be a grandfather.

Realizing he’s dying from relapsed leukemia and unwilling to ask Tommy or TJ for bone marrow, Aidan prepares to commit suicide. He unlocks his gun box but finds only an empty holster. He calls Thirio and tells Dion that TJ might have taken it.

Dion and Tommy rush to TJ’s school as a SWAT team clears it. Andre is escorted out in handcuffs after an “anonymous note” reported a gun in his locker. Later, TJ admits to Tommy he put Aidan’s gun in Andre’s locker.

Giordano tries to make amends with Patrick, but Patrick has him killed and leaves his body hanging in an abandoned warehouse. Marisa blames Dion for her father’s death and breaks up with him.

Tommy buys a paternity kit but decides not to test TJ. He invites Dion to move back in, conceding that some things are better off unknown.

Patrick tells Tommy about Dion’s debt – of which Tommy was unaware — and threatens TJ. Tommy accuses Dion of selfishly wanting to open Thirio only as a way to pay Patrick. Dion reveals that Tommy’s friendship saved his life when Dion was orphaned as a child, and he feared Patrick would kill Tommy if he didn’t take action.

After Pilar recommends Patrick step out of his father’s shadow, be himself and “do whatever it takes” to be happy, Patrick orders Ziggy’s doctor to transfer him out of the hospital and back to prison.

Tommy tries to offer Patrick a one-quarter interest in Thirio if he’ll forgive Dion’s debt, but Dion won’t allow it. Instead, Dion asks Stavros to include him on a “big job” that night.

In Thirio’s kitchen, a gloved hand pulls the gas supply pipe loose while Tommy and TJ are at TJ’s art show. Following the show, TJ watches a car peel out and realizes something. At home, he gathers his sketches of Rie’s accident and riffles through them all like an animated flip book.

Stavros and Dion rob a high-stakes poker game. Patrick happens to be one of the players. Though they were masked, Dion guesses Patrick recognized them because of Stavros’s heavy accent. Nonetheless, Dion returns home with a duffel bag of cash and tells Tommy everything’s going to be fine.

In tears, TJ speaks for the first time since Rie’s death, calling out for Tommy from the top of the stairs. “Mommy’s accident… It wasn’t my fault,” TJ cries. “And it wasn’t an accident.” Tommy starts up towards TJ just as an enormous explosion goes off in the kitchen. Dion appears at the top of the smoky staircase. Debris rains down as the three meet in the middle. A second explosion blows out Thirio’s windows as the restaurant burns.