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Fear the Walking Dead Cast and Creators Explore Daniel’s Journey From Season 1 to Now

Salazar should be dead many times over.

But here he is in Season 5, alive and kicking and with a newfound sense of humor.

In a new behind-the-scenes video, the cast and creators review the tragic events that led him here and how he survived.

Watch a Look at Daniel’s Journey

“Salazar has been stabbed, drowned, hit by lightning, in a fire, shot in the face and he’s still alive,” says Rubén Blades.

So how is he still here? Is this his “purgatorio”?

His tragic past, as a child soldier and a killer, gave him the “knowledge that was needed, when the apocalypse occurred,” says Blades.

Click here to watch the video to see Blades and the showrunners discuss Salazar’s tragic journey.

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