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Cast and Creators Break Down Dwight’s Journey From TWD to Fear the Walking Dead

In the latest episode of FEAR, Dwight joins Morgan in crossing over from TWD.

He does so in spectacular fashion, walking right into a shootout with John Dorie.

Dwight and Dorie cross paths as the former searches for Sherry, but Dwight is also “recovering from the trauma of being a Savior,” says Showrunner Andrew Chambliss in a new video breaking down Dwight’s journey.

Yes, Daryl pardoned him, but the past weighs on Dwight.

Watch a Look at Dwight’s Journey

“Dwight is really living with the guilt of what his wife did for him,” in agreeing to marry Negan, “and it’s really left Dwight in a place where he’s not sure if he deserves to find her,” continues Chambliss.

His encounter with Dorie begins to change all that.

“To have a stranger want to take a chance on him, I don’t think he’s ever really had that,” says Austin Amelio of his character, “… he’s kind of been this lone wolf for a long time.”

While joining up with the group won’t be easy, Morgan’s mission is a shot at redemption.

“They are affected by the past, but they’re just trying to move on,” says Amelio.

Click here to watch the video and get a full look Dwight’s arrival on FEAR.

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