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Entertainment Weekly on the Fear Season 5 Premiere; TV Insider Showcases “Intense” New Teaser

This week, Entertainment Weekly posts a scene from the Season 5 Premiere and showcases new artwork from Fear, while TV Insider posts a new Season 5 teaser. Plus, Bleeding Cool looks at a couple of clips ahead of the show’s June 2 return. Read on for more:

Entertainment Weekly showcases a scene from the Season 5 Premiere, as well as the new season’s artwork and notes posts an “intense” Season 5 teaser.

TV Insider posts an “intense” Season 5 teaser, noting that it looks like the survivors’ “challenges are only going to multiply” in the new season.

• Ahead of the show’s June 2 return, Bleeding Cool discusses John Dorie’s decision to “look on the brightside,” and notes that that “it looks like the series will be hitting the ground running.”

TV Insider features seven “Fear the Walking Dead characters we want to see on The Walking Dead,” asking, “If Dwight and Morgan can make the trek to Texas, why can’t things work in reverse for the characters currently on Fear the Walking Dead?”

Bleeding Cool highlights two videos featuring Alicia and Strand, who are both “looking to make a difference.”

Undead Walking asks several questions surrounding Daniel Salazar’s return: “Where did he recover? Did he have help? Is he still with the people who helped him, or did he meet new people on his journey? Why did he decide to travel East in the first place?”

Fear the Walking Dead returns Sunday, June 2 at 9/8c on AMC.

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