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TV Insider Views New Photos; TV Guide Checks Out Dead‘s Dwight on Fear

This week, TV Insider showcases five new Season 5 photos, while TV Guide zeroes in on the first crossover photo of Dwight. Plus, Syfy Wire has more to say about Dwight. Read on for more:

TV Insider showcases five new Season 5 images, including a first look at Austin Amelio’s Dwight.

TV Guide checks out a new photo of Dwight on Fear the Walking Dead, reporting, “This is the second time a Walking Dead stalwart has found his way to Fear the Walking Dead.”

• Examining the new photo of Dwight, Syfy Wire notes that his “face is as scarred as ever, but at least he’s got a nifty axe to keep any bothersome zombies away from his tasty, tasty flesh.”

Bleeding Cool observes that the new photos feature “our first in-season look at [Austin] Amelio in full FTWD mode–as well as some rather ominous images that don’t appear to bode well for our heroes.” reminds readers that Dwight was “last seen in April’s Season 8 Finale of The Walking Dead, where he was exiled by rival Daryl under threat of death. The mothership series underwent an 18-month and then six-year time jump in its ninth season, moving on from both Morgan and Dwight.”

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