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Go on Set as Colman Domingo Steps Behind the Camera for Fear the Walking Dead Episode 12

Versatility is key to surviving the apocalypse.

Strand brings that to the table, so does the man who plays him, Colman Domingo, who directed Episode 12 of Fear.

In a new behind-the-scenes video, Domingo talks about stepping behind the camera and how he went about directing an episode with some unique challenges —  a car chase and mud wrestling.

The Making of Episode 12

For the SWAT van chase, a very high-speed camera rig — called a pursuit vehicle — was used to illustrate the speed and the dynamic of the chase.

“Al is deathly ill, driving at the wheel, so things are spinning out of control,” Domingo explains.

Later, Al encounters a walker in a mud pit which meant Maggie Grace had to get down and dirty to wrestle with a stunt actor submerged in layers of mud.

Different camera lenses were used to simulate Maggie’s view of coming in and out of consciousness as her illness worsens right before she kicks the walker under a car.

A very physical episode, for sure, but it’s what the Fear crew does best.

“Welcome to the apocalypse!” Maggie exclaims.

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