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TVLine Features New Cast Portraits; Maggie Grace Talks Fear With Collider

This week, TVLine spotlights new Season 4 cast portraits, while Maggie Grace talks to about joining Fear the Walking Dead. Plus, Us Weekly checks out a new set of candid photos. Read on for more:

TVLine spotlights Season 4’s cast portraits, which are “full of grim faces and a background so black, it threatens to swallow the actors whole.”

• Maggie Grace talks to about joining Fear the Walking Dead, saying, “One thing I really appreciate about the series is that they do let characters evolve, which not ever[y] series does. They do change. The people they come across and their experiences go with them and they’re changed by them.”

Us Weekly features exclusive Season 4 photos, noting that Season 4 “will introduce Morgan (Lennie James) into the picture. What will the world of Madison (Kim Dickens) look like through his eyes? That is the question.”

TV Insider presents a first look at Morgan and others from Season 4, including one of Nick with Morgan (“From this photo, it doesn’t seem like they’re being too chummy, does it?”).

TV Guide debuts the first Season 4 photos of Alicia, Victor and Luciana, noting, “That means anyone worried that Alicia and Strand didn’t survive the dam explosion in the Season 3 Finale can rest easy.”

Cinema Blend highlights Lennie James, Garret Dillahunt and Maggie Grace — three of the new actors joining Season 4 — in exclusive photos, teasing that the first image “may hint at how the trio will be introduced.”

Screen Rant shares a quartet of new photos, including a photo where fans “can see Morgan sitting on the side of a road carrying his trademark stick.”

Bustle teases preview photos from the upcoming season that are “full of clues about what’s happening next.”

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