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See How Jeremiah Otto’s Reign Comes to an End in Fear the Walking Dead Episode 8

Since the first days of the apocalypse, Madison has been on the run, giving up everything to keep her kids safe.

But, she’s tired of running.

Safety might be possible at Broke Jaw Ranch, but Jeremiah Otto stands in the way.

In this talked about scene, his reign at the ranch finally comes to a close.

Watch the Talked About Scene From Season 3, Episode 8, “Children of Wrath”

While there may be no better place to ride out the apocalypse than among a group of doomsday preppers, Jeremiah’s penchant for violence, racism and alcohol created an unstable situation.

Plus, Madison realizes his tense — and murderous — relationship with the Nation puts every life at Broke Jaw Ranch in imminent danger.

Click here to see the shocking way Jeremiah’s time leading the ranch comes to a close.

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