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Fear the Walking Dead Cast and Creators on How Ofelia’s “Revenge Tale” Began

It comes as a shock to the Clarks that Ofelia isn’t on their side in the feud between Broke Jaw Ranch and the Nation.

But, Ofelia has a very good reason for turning on her friends: Jeremiah Otto.

Turns out he and Ofelia have met before. In fact, he spewed racist bile to her and then left her for dead in the desert.

“That’s when the revenge tale begins,” says Mercedes Mason (Ofelia) in a new behind-the-scenes video.

Go Inside Season 3, Episode 8 “Children of  Wrath” With the Cast and Creators

While the Madison, Nick and Alicia have found refuge with Jeremiah, Walker is the one who saves Ofelia from certain death and nurses her back to health.

“That kindness, that generosity, it says worlds about who Walker is and it says worlds about who Jeremiah is,” says Showrunner Dave Erickson.

When Ofelia poisons the ranch at Walker’s bidding, “she’s trying to do right by the man who saved her life and she’s trying to hurt the man who tried to kill her,” says Erickson.

Click here to watch the full video and see the cast and creators thoughts on Ofelia’s motives for betraying her former friends. Plus, why Madison lived up to her word of taking over the ranch for her family.

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