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Den of Geek Talks to Colman Domingo; Inverse With Kim Dickens

This week, Den of Geek talks to Colman Domingo, while Inverse interviews Kim Dickens. Plus, Frank Dillane discusses playing a zombie with Den of Geek. Read on for more:

• Speaking with Den of Geek about playing Strand, Colman Domingo explains, “I just wanted to imbue this character with as much complexity and depth and I loved the idea that he keeps shifting – when you think you know him, all of a sudden you know something else.”

Inverse interviews Kim Dickens, who says that, in Season 2, Madison’s “core is the same, she’s conflicted morally and gets in her own way sometimes. But I think she definitely is jumping into the leadership role.”

Den of Geek interviews Frank Dillane, who says, “I like all that stuff, pretending to be a zombie and doing all that, I thought that was fun.”

• Danay Garcia tells, “What I love about Luciana is that she really cares. It’s not somebody that is ruthless. It’s not a woman that doesn’t have feelings. It’s a real person that really goes through this whole journey and then she overcomes it.”

• Recapping part 8 of Passage, Melty writes that the web series is “really coming along, and we’ve already seen some character growth despite there only being less than eight minutes of actual footage thus far.”

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