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Robert Kirkman Speaks With EW About Fear; Vulture‘s Fear Primer

This week, Robert Kirkman speaks about Fear the Walking Dead with Entertainment Weekly, while Vulture has a primer on the new show. Plus, Adweek has a rave review of the spin-off. Read on for more:

• Robert Kirkman tells Entertainment Weekly that Fear The Walking Dead “adds to the overall tapestry of The Walking Dead — it’s another glimpse into a hopefully fascinating world that stands on its own.”

Vulture provides a primer for Fear the Walking Dead, to help viewers “navigate the ever-expanding walker universe.”

• Reviewing Fear the Walking Dead, Adweek says it “immediately erases any doubts about its raison d’être, making a clear, compelling case for its existence alongside the original series.”

• According to the Los Angeles Times, Dave Erickson says, “We wanted to see a city fall, which is something we didn’t get to see in the comics or the original show. I feel what we were able to do was to take the disaster film trope, the zombie film trope and present it in a way where it feels grounded.”

Entertainment Weekly interviews Rubén Blades, Kim Dickens, Frank Dillane and Elizabeth Rodriguez about inhabiting the world of Fear The Walking Dead.

• In a Q&A with TheWrap, Dave Erickson talks about his movie influences, explaining, “I watched and re-watched Apocalypse Now before we started the show and for me, in terms of the narrative arc, there’s something very compelling about that film and the themes of that film. ”

• Speaking with Details, Cliff Curtis calls his character “just a good guy. I find that really refreshing. He’s about to be in a world that’s very dark. What he’s about to go through is going to get tough on him.”

• Kim Dickens, talking to the New York Daily News, says she and her family are “the entry point into the apocalypse. The viewers see it through our eyes. When it happens, we have to remain human. That’s our challenge.”

• Cliff Curtis talks to The Atlanta Journal Constitution about the show’s “horrifying” walkers: “Some of the things we’ve done, I’ve had to take a long hot shower to wash it off, to shake it out of my bones. Sometimes, it affects me.”

TVLine presents the first three minutes from the series premiere, noting, “The undead apocalypse is fresh and shiny and new — and still full of gnarly surprises — as seen in the opening minutes of AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead.” ABC News shares five takeaways from the opening scene.

• The New York Post review describes the first two episodes as “creepily suspenseful — they’re great examples of how effective a slow pace and a moody atmosphere can be.”

• According to the Associated Press, Dave Erickson says, “We’ve written and (the cast) have played a very strong season. I think people will enjoy it and eventually love it for its own merits and how it complements the other show.”

Variety spotlights an AMC video where Robert Kirkman discusses Fear the Walking Dead, saying, “We’re going to see zombies unlike we’ve ever seen before.”

Superhero Hype checks out a new AMC video featurette that introduces the Fear the Walking Dead characters.

Metro shares what viewers can expect from Fear the Walking Dead, including, “There’s gore from the very beginning, kill shots in the pilot, and all the half torn away faces any zombie fan could desire.”

Deadline reports that Fear the Walking Dead will debut in Germany and Austria on Amazon Prime on Aug. 24, the day after its U.S. premiere.

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