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Season 4, Episode 13


Strand and John are marooned; Luciana aids a man in need; the group's efforts to help a stranger put everyone in danger.

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Morgan, Al and June drive to the location where Quinn radioed them. He's not there.

Sarah, Wendell and Jim wait at the truck. Wendell impales an Infected using spikes on the back of his wheelchair. Jim sees a note on the Infected’s face: “Take what you need.”

Morgan, Al and June return to the truck. The mysterious woman contacts them from the SWAT van and puts an infected Quinn on the walkie. Morgan recognizes her as the woman he met on the road. The woman warns them to stop helping people and tells Morgan that she knows what he’s capable of.

Strand wakes up in a bungalow and goes outside. He stares at the flood waters surrounding the bungalow.

Nearby, John chops wood for a raft and kills an Infected crawling out of the water. He urges Strand to escape with him on the raft, but Strand calls it too risky.

Luciana, traveling alone on foot, stops in front of a library and takes Charlie’s copy of “The Little Prince” out of her bag.

Luciana looks for Charlie inside the library.

Luciana goes back outside and kills an Infected clawing at a wrecked car. She finds a man, Clayton, stuck in the driver’s seat with his legs crushed. She vows to get him out.

John enters the water in his raft, but it immediately sinks. An alligator attacks John. John shoots at the gator and runs to shore.

Morgan buries the dead Infected. Al notes that the quote on the Infected’s face is from the journals of the truck driver, whose nickname was “Polar Bear.” Morgan vows to keep searching for his friends as well as Polar Bear.

John chops more wood for a new raft and watches as the gator attacks an Infected on the opposite shore. Strand expresses skepticism about John’s chances of finding June.

John spots an abandoned camper van on the edge of a road. An Infected pounds on the window inside.

Luciana tries to help Clayton out of the car, but he screams in pain. Luciana asks if she can find anyone for Clayton. He mentions there is one person who might be looking for him but that he doesn’t want to see this person. He requests one last beer. Luciana vows to find one.

John asks Strand to retrieve the shell of the camper van, saying his injury prevents him from doing it himself.

Sarah takes the group to the spot where she and Wendell stole Polar Bear’s truck. June leaves a box of supplies. Morgan writes a note on the box and includes their walkie channel.

Strand climbs the camper van and starts to unfasten the shell. He spots a bottle of malt liquor in the vehicle and reaches for it. The Infected grabs his arm and pulls him in. The van rolls down the bank. Strand emerges intact.

John yells at Strand for endangering his life for a bottle of liquor. Strand storms off.

John unlatches the camper shell and proceeds to strip parts from the van.

Luciana searches a beer truck but finds no beer.

John loads car parts into the upturned camper shell.

Luciana continues her search for beer.

John seals the camper shell with tape and builds a boat using parts from the camper.

Luciana spots some beer bottles on a patio — but it’s root beer.

Strand takes a swig of liquor. John agrees to share a drink with Strand — on the opposite bank. Strand asks how John plans to distract the gator while they’re in the boat. John reveals his distraction: a car horn.

John briefly hooks up the car horn to the car battery. The horn beeps. Strand finally agrees to accompany John on the boat.

Clayton checks in with Luciana via walkie and tells her that before the fall, he used his job to get away from everyone he knew and cared about, only to realize that he’d made a mistake. He explains that after the fall, he found a way to help people.

John hooks up the horn to the battery and leaves it on. John and Strand push the boat into the water and row.

Luciana finds the supply box with Morgan’s note. She discovers a bottle of beer inside.

Strand and John row across the water. The gator attacks Infected that have been lured into the water by the horn. The battery dies and the Infected turn away from the water. The gator attacks the boat, causing it to spring a leak. Strand and John jump into the water and swim back to shore.

Luciana brings the beer to Clayton. Clayton tells her that he has notebooks with descriptions of locations where he left supplies. He reveals that he was a truck driver before the fall.

Luciana reaches out on channel 4. Morgan replies and recognizes Luciana.

Strand returns to the bungalow with his liquor. John loses hope and eats a candy he’d been planning to give to June.

Luciana rides in the back of the truck with Morgan’s group. A voice comes over the walkie: It’s Charlie and Alicia.

Alicia tells Morgan that they’re at mile marker 84. Morgan tells her he will come for them. The mysterious woman interrupts and says that she warned them not to help anyone. Morgan vows to keep searching for his friends and then promises to help the woman herself.

Sarah spots the SWAT van racing up behind them. The van pulls up next to the truck. The gun ports open. Morgan tells everyone to get down. The woman opens fire.

Alicia reaches out to Morgan on the walkie but gets no answer.