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Season 4, Episode 12


June helps when Al's health deteriorates; Morgan searches for friends lost in the storm.

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June watches John’s interview on Althea’s video camera.

She tries to reach John via walkie but gets no response. Al returns to the SWAT van after an unsuccessful gas run and warns June to save the battery on the walkie.

Al and June camp out at the SWAT van over the ensuing days.

June suggests to Al that they abandon the SWAT van. She’s interrupted by a voice coming through on the walkie.

Sarah, Wendell, Morgan and Jim race down the road in the semi-truck. Sarah pulls over at mile marker 27.

Morgan walks down the road and tries to make contact with others via walkie. He broadcasts his location.

June suggests finding higher ground to get better reception on the walkie. Al grows weak and attributes it to low blood sugar.

Jim and Wendell grumble that Morgan’s mile marker stops are slowing down their progress to Virginia.

Morgan tries the walkie again. Sarah expresses skepticism about his chances of reaching anyone.

June holds up the walkie as she and Al walk down a road. Al grows weaker.

June and Al find an abandoned truck. Al drives as June speaks into the walkie. June apologizes for depleting the battery on Al’s camera and asks if Al had a romantic partner before the fall. Al says she was too busy working to have a relationship.

The mysterious woman from the mini-mart sits in a truck and hears June on the radio, but does not respond. Purvis, her Infected companion, sits in the back seat. “You made them weak, Purvis,” she says.

Morgan waits at the mile marker. Sarah tells him it’s time to go. Morgan hears a voice on his walkie and tries to respond, but gets no response. He leaves to seek out a stronger signal.

Morgan strides down the road and tells the listener to hold on.

June tries to make contact on the walkie. Al vomits and realizes her illness is more severe than low blood sugar. Out of nowhere, the SWAT van zooms by on the road.

Al speeds after the SWAT van despite June’s protests. She swerves to avoid debris and blows out a tire. Al tells June that they must find the van because it has antibiotics to treat her illness.

Morgan encounters the mysterious woman at a supply box, holding a bottle of water. He urges her to take what she needs. The woman tells him she is not weak and does not need help. After he leaves, she replaces the clean water in the bottle with dirty water.

Al rests in the back seat while June changes the flat tire. They hear gunfire. Al recognizes gunfire as her SWAT guns and begs June to track down the SWAT van. June reluctantly leaves Al alone.

June finds the SWAT van near an overturned bus and a pile of Infected bodies. A man, Quinn, holds her at gunpoint.

Quinn forces June to her knees. June suggests they help each other, but he refuses. She grabs his gun, causing it to go off.

Al hears the gunshot and tries to finish changing the tire in her weak state.

June holds Quinn at gunpoint and tries to start the SWAT van. Quinn informs her that it ran out of gas.

June searches the van for antibiotics. She kicks Quinn out of the SWAT van then contacts Al via walkie to ask where to find the antibiotics. Al tries to reach the walkie but collapses from weakness. An Infected crawls toward her.

June keeps searching for the medicine.

Al kicks the Infected under the truck and kicks the car jack loose, causing the truck to crush the Infected. Al grabs the walkie and tells June that there are no antibiotics — she lied so that June would go after the van.

Back at the truck, Al takes antibiotics that June found in the overturned bus. June asks Al why the van is so important to her. Al says that the videotapes are all that’s left of people she knew, including loved ones.

Morgan climbs a tower to obtain a better signal. He speaks into the walkie and announces that he will be at mile marker 27 for only a little while longer.

Al and June recognize Morgan’s voice on the walkie. Before they can respond, the battery dies.

June consults a map and says they have just enough gas to reach mile marker 27. Al refuses to abandon the SWAT van. As June drives off, however, Al changes her mind and joins June.

Morgan waits at mile marker 27. Wendell tells him that his friends aren’t coming.

Morgan’s group gets in the semi-truck to leave. Sarah sees a car approaching.

Morgan, June and Al reunite. Morgan gives them food and water.

June borrows Morgan’s walkie and reaches out to Quinn. He responds and tells her that he found diesel for the SWAT van. She invites him to join her group at mile marker 27.

Al asks Morgan what he knows about the truck’s owner and wishes she had her video camera.

Quinn contacts June and says that he’s at mile marker 27 but does not see anyone. June tells him to recheck the mile marker. He notices that someone taped a “7” over a “1.” Purvis attacks Quinn as the mysterious woman watches.

The woman leaves Purvis on the side of the road. Inside the SWAT van, she writes on Quinn’s face: “You aren’t going to be weak anymore.” Quinn reanimates.