Season 1, Episode 3

The Dog

After they escape a riot, Travis, Liza and Chris seek refuge with the Salazars; Madison defends her home.


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Full Recap

The riot intensifies outside Salazar’s Cuts. Travis dismisses concerns they aren't safe, even after the shop next door is broken into -- the looters would never break into a barbershop. "What are they going to steal? Combs?" Travis derides.

Chris notices the shop's wall getting hot: The mob has set a fire next door. Travis, Liza, Chris and the Salazars flee into the street. As they run, Chris notices an Infected devouring a police officer in riot gear.

Back at home, Madison gives Nick another pill. She evades Alicia’s questions about their turned neighbor, Mr. Dawson, and promises they’ll leave as soon as Travis returns. The three play Monopoly as a distraction.

Amid the mayhem in downtown L.A., a scaffolding collapses and topples onto Griselda. Travis helps carry her to his truck and they all escape together. Liza, a nurse, tends to Griselda’s mangled foot but concludes that they need a doctor.

Travis drives to a nearby hospital only to find it’s been blocked off. His group watches in horror as cops gun down a newly Infected in the middle of the parking lot. Daniel tells Travis to temporarily shelter them at his house. As they drive home, blackouts darken the Los Angeles skyline.

Nick wonders aloud if they should leave without Travis. "We can't stay here,” he tells Madison, predicting Travis will not return anyway. “He went to get his ex-wife," Nick says.

A noise outside startles Nick, Madison and Alicia. It's the neighbors’ dog, covered in blood. The dog immediately starts barking, attracting Mr. Dawson. Nick suggests they get a shotgun from the home of their neighbors, Susan and Patrick Tran.

Madison, Nick and Alicia run over to the Tran home, where Nick finds the shotgun and shells. Alicia sees Mr. Dawson enter their house just as Travis pulls up in his truck.

Inside the house, Travis finds Mr. Dawson feasting on the dog. Travis tries to reason with Mr. Dawson but Mr. Dawson attacks him. Madison and Nick arrive with the shotgun.

Alicia goes back to the Tran house after Nick realizes they forgot the extra shotgun shells. She’s fleeing with the shells when she sees an Infected Mrs. Tran lurking on the other side of a door.

Travis tells Madison not to shoot Mr. Dawson. Daniel grabs the gun from Madison and shoots Mr. Dawson twice in the face, killing him.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Tran grabs at Alicia as she climbs over the backyard fence. Chris rushes to help her, but Alicia struggles and elbows him in the nose as he pulls her away from Mrs. Tran. As the entire group watches Mrs. Tran claw through the fence, Alicia asks what’s wrong with her. “She's not sick. She’s dead,” Nick states. Alicia breaks down as she realizes this was Matt’s fate, as well.

Inside, Travis assures Chris that they’re going to be alright.

Daniel informs Travis that his cousin will pick up his family in the morning. Madison tells Travis that they should leave right away, but Travis argues that it’s safer to leave in daylight. Madison reluctantly agrees.

Travis drags Mr. Dawson’s body outside. He rejects Daniel’s idea of burning the body to prevent the spread of infection, saying they don’t yet know how the sickness spreads. “I understand,” Daniel says dismissively. “You knew this man.”

Liza tells Travis that without a doctor’s intervention, Griselda’s foot will eventually become infected, poisoning her blood and causing her organs to fail. Travis vows that won’t happen. “You can’t fix everything,” Liza says.

As Griselda rests in Alicia’s room, Ofelia proposes leaving with the Clark family the following day. Daniel refuses. “This is the wrong time to be in someone else’s debt,” he says, admitting there is no cousin coming for them.

Madison tells Travis that she’s bringing enough pain meds to get Nick to the desert and then she’s giving the rest to Griselda. Travis promises to never leave her again.

Liza approaches Madison and suggests they get over their differences for the sake of the kids. Madison asks Liza to kill her if she ever becomes infected like Mrs. Tran. “Don’t make Travis do it,” she says. “It would break him.” Liza nods.

The next morning, Travis buries Mr. Dawson in the backyard. Afterwards, he finds Daniel showing Chris how to use the shotgun and gets upset. “The more the boy knows, the safer he’ll be,” Daniel says, but Travis shuts him down, expressing disdain for guns.

With a hammer in hand, Madison strides over to Mrs. Tran with the intention of putting her down. Travis stops her. It’s not Madison’s call to kill Mrs. Tran, he says, if there’s even a slight chance that she might be saved.

Nick snaps at Madison for sharing the pills with Griselda.

Ofelia makes one more plea with Daniel to join the Clark family, whom she calls “good people.”

“Good people are the first ones to die,” Daniel says.

Travis, Liza and Chris get in the truck while Madison, Alicia and Nick pile into the car. Chinook helicopters fly overhead.

As they drive down the street, Madison sees Mr. Tran arrive home from a trip. She stops and cries out his name, trying to warn him.

Mr. Tran walks into his backyard and cheerfully tells Mrs. Tran about his long drive home. “Susan!” he cries when he sees newly infected Mrs. Tran stagger toward him. As he reaches out to comfort her, a gunshot blasts through her head. Soldiers swarm into the yard: the military has arrived.

As military personnel secure the block – trapping the families inside -- a soldier asks Travis for the names of all occupants living at his house. Travis gives the names of his family as well as the Salazar family.

A soldier informs Madison that Mr. Tran was removed because he was covered in the Infected’s blood. He suspiciously eyes Mr. Dawson’s grave and asks what it is. Madison says their dog died.

Desperate for drugs, Nick cases a house and is about to break in but stops when he sees a little girl watching him.

Travis and Madison stand in their yard as the military takes control of the neighborhood. “It’s going to get better now,” Travis says.

From a window, Daniel watches a soldier spray an “X” on a neighbor’s house. “It’s already too late,” he tells Griselda.