Madison, Travis, ChrisStrand, Nick, Alicia, Ofelia and Daniel board Strand’s boat, the Abigail. Strand sets a course for San Diego, but the group later learns that the military burned San Diego to the ground.

Alicia meets a man named Jack while scanning radio channels. She discloses her location to Jack.

Strand docks the Abigail on an island to hide from a fast-approaching boat. Madison, Travis, Nick, Alicia and Chris meet Melissa and George, who informs them that the entire country west of the Continental Divide has fallen.

Melissa asks Madison to take Willa and Harry, her two younger children, as George intends for the whole family to die together on the island. Nick finds poison pills in George’s office and deduces that George is planning on “Jonestown-ing” his family. Willa turns after ingesting a pill and bites Melissa. Madison and Travis take Harry to the Abigail but Seth, the oldest son, forces them to give Harry back. The Abigail heads south.

In the middle of the ocean, Alex rescues her wounded companion, Jake, after surviving the crash of Flight 462.

The Abigail’s engine malfunctions. While Travis repairs the engine, Alicia, Nick, Chris and Daniel head to shore to rummage through luggage from the Flight 462 wreck.

Daniel learns that Strand is planning to sail to Baja. Madison confronts Strand about his plans. Strand reveals that he knows of a house in Baja with food, water and concrete walls. She demands that he take them along.

Daniel runs into Alex as she flees from a large herd of Infected. Daniel’s group narrowly escapes the herd and returns to the Abigail with Alex and Jake. Nick comes to the realization that if he covers himself in blood, the Infected do not attack him.

The group hitches Alex and Jake’s raft behind the Abigail. Strand cuts the raft loose at the last minute.

Jack and two companions, Reed and Vida, hijack the Abigail and tie everyone up. Strand flees on a raft.

In a flashback, Strand meets Thomas Abigail at a Baton Rouge bar. They become business partners and lovers.

Acting as Strand’s messenger, Nick takes a boat to shore and makes his way to a gated community. He introduces himself to Luis Flores, a friend of Strand and Thomas.

Jack’s leader, Connor, arrives at the Abigail and brings Travis and Alicia back to his base. He tells Reed to transport the others safely to shore.

Nick and Luis attack Connor’s men and the group regains control of the Abigail. They rescue Strand from sea. While Chris guards Reed, the group locates Connor’s base and decides to use Reed as leverage to get Alicia and Travis back.

Alex visits Travis in a cell and reveals that she told Connor about the Abigail, in retaliation for them cutting her and Jake loose.

Madison radios Connor and proposes a hostage exchange. Connor agrees. Chris fatally shoots Reed after Reed riles him up. Madison nevertheless proceeds with the exchange, placing a hood over Reed’s head after he turns. Reed bites Connor at the exchange. Travis escapes with Madison. Alicia escapes on her own and rejoins the group.

Luis and Strand negotiate their passage with two officers at the Mexican border. Gunfire erupts, killing Luis. Strand leads the group to Luis’s compound. Celia, Luis’s mother, greets them. Strand rushes to Thomas, who is ailing from a bite wound.

Daniel discovers a cell full of Infected and confronts Celia, who says they are family members of her staff.

Chris runs away after Alicia discovers him standing over her bed with a knife. Travis goes after Chris.

Strand shoots Thomas in the head after he dies. Celia screams at him for not allowing Thomas to turn. She banishes Strand from the estate but agrees to let Nick and his family stay after Nick brings her Luis, who is now an Infected.

Madison locks Celia in the cell of Infected, who proceed to devour Celia. Daniel mentally unravels and lights the cell on fire, becoming consumed by flames. As the estate burns, Strand, Madison, Alicia and Ofelia jump into a truck. Nick refuses to join them.

Nick heads north and gets bitten by a dog. While searching a town for medication, he’s discovered by Luciana and Francisco. They take him to the Colonia, their home. Alejandro, the Colonia’s leader, treats Nick’s wounds and claims to be immune to infection.

Madison, Alicia, Strand and Ofelia seek refuge at the Rosarito Beach Hotel. Alicia and Ofelia search the hotel for supplies. Madison and Strand get drunk at the bar and attract a herd with their noise. Alicia becomes separated from Ofelia.

Luciana brings Nick on a supply run to a supermarket guarded by local gangsters. She gives the leader, Marco, OxyContin in exchange for a cart full of supplies.

In a flashback, the Rosarito Hotel manager, Elena, locks a wedding group in the banquet hall after the father of the bride turns. In the present, Elena saves Alicia from Infected and tells her the wedding guests took her nephew, Hector, hostage because they want her keys, which provide access to every hall and building in the hotel.

Elena helps Alicia get to the lobby. Elena gives the keys to the wedding party guests in exchange for Hector. They flee from walkers through an underground tunnel and reunite with Madison and Travis.

Chris encounters a band of Americans while searching a restaurant for food. The men — Brandon, Derek and Baby James — later track Travis and Chris down. Against Travis’ better judgment, he and Chris hitch a ride with the Americans. While they raid a farm for supplies, the farm owner shoots James in the leg. Chris shoots the farmer, killing him.

Nick shows Alejandro how to increase their OxyContin supply by cutting it with powdered milk.

Madison and Strand meet with Oscar, the groom, and Ilene, the mother of the bride, and propose they join forces. Despite their hatred for Elena, Oscar and Ilene go along with the proposal. Madison’s group clears the hotel of Infected by luring them into an ocean riptide. They work with the party guests to secure the hotel and cultivate food.

Francisco, one of Alejandro’s scouts, sneaks out of the Colonia with his family but is captured by Marco. Alejandro forbids Luciana and Nick from delivering the OxyContin that Francisco was supposed to deliver that day.

Ilene stabs Strand in retaliation for Elena killing her daughter. Madison, Elena and Oscar drive to the supermarket to obtain medical supplies needed to treat the stab wound. Madison overhears Marco describe a “gringo” who sounds like Nick. Back at the hotel, Madison turns on the neon hotel sign in the hopes of signaling Nick. Travis spots the sign from nearby hills. The next morning, a large group of survivors rattles the hotel gate after noticing the lit-up sign the previous night. Madison sees Travis and lets him in.

Ofelia makes her way through the desert towards the U.S. border.

In a recent flashback, Travis treats James’ gunshot wound and chastises Chris for his cavalier attitude over killing the farmer. Brandon, Derek and Chris discuss killing James, whose injury is hindering their plans. Travis refuses to allow the murder and guards James. Chris distracts Travis, allowing Brandon to shoot James dead. Travis separates from the group and implores Chris to come with him, but Chris insists on staying with Brandon and Derek.

Worried that Marco will come looking for his drugs, Nick secretly goes to the supermarket to make the drug trade. Marco informs him that his gang is going to attack the Colonia.

The new refugees are allowed into the hotel. Brandon and Derek show up and reveal to Madison that their 16-year-old companion died after their car overturned. Guessing that they were Chris’s friends, Madison tries to lead them off the premises before Travis finds out. Travis spots them and demands to know where Chris is.

Nick tells Luciana and Alejandro about the impending attack and urges them to evacuate the town. A patient in the infirmary turns and bites Alejandro.

Ofelia crosses the border into America. A man with a rifle captures her.

Nick packs a bag to leave the Colonia and asks Luciana to join him, but she refuses to abandon her people. Alejandro admits that he is not immune to infection. Luciana is angry but still decides to stay.

Brandon and Derek admit to Travis that they killed Chris. Travis beats them to death, injuring Oscar in the process. Elena banishes Travis. Alicia and Madison decide to leave with him the following morning.

Oscar dies from his head injury. Hector and Andres, another wedding guest, attack Travis for killing Oscar. Alicia stabs Andres and escapes with Madison and Travis in a car. Strand stays behind.

Nick leaves the Colonia and spots a helicopter landing at a refugee camp near the border. He returns to the Colonia and urges Alejandro to tell the villagers to flee north.

Madison, Travis and Alicia look for Nick at the supermarket, which is now empty. They find Francisco’s dead body along with the address of the Colonia.

Marco and his gang arrive at the Colonia only to find it deserted. Alejandro removes a barricade from the perimeter, allowing Infected to flood in and kill Marco’s gang. Meanwhile, Nick and Luciana lead the villagers toward the U.S. border.

Madison, Travis and Alicia arrive in the Colonia. A dying Alejandro tells them that Nick went to the border.

At the border crossing, Nick, Luciana and the villagers are attacked and captured by gunmen.