• For Luciana, this is a season about rediscovering community. In Season 3, she fled Brokejaw Ranch feeling ostracized and isolated. Now, she is in a new place, in a very different kind of community. It’s a place where she will take her first steps down the path toward trusting people again. She’ll mend some old wounds in surprising ways.

  • Danay Garcia is an actress, writer and producer. She is currently a series regular in the AMC hit television show Fear the Walking Dead and recently costarred in two feature films. Garcia has been working steadily in film and television since arriving in the United States from Cuba in 2003.

    Television audiences first got to know Garcia as a co-star of the popular Fox series Prison Break, which ran for four seasons beginning in 2006. Garcia played the lead role of Sofia Lugo during the final two seasons and achieved instant fame, appearing in hundreds of magazines around the world. Garcia has also appeared in episodes of Supernatural, CSI: Miami and CSI: New York.

    In AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead, currently one of the highest-rated series on cable, Garcia stars as Luciana, the fearless yet compassionate leader who shows unwavering courage in a dangerous post-apocalyptic world overrun by zombies and humans who will do anything to survive.

    Garcia recently costarred in two feature films, Avenge the Crows, an independent thriller that she also produced, which costars Lou Diamond Phillips, Steven Bauer, Emilio Rivera and Danny Trejo; and Sniper: Ultimate Kill, an action film produced by Sony and Mandalay Pictures. Other film credits include Liz in September (2014) by acclaimed director Fina Torres; Eternal Ashes (2011), which opened to critical acclaim at the Montreal Film Festival; Rehab (2011); Peep World (2010); From Mexico with Love (2009); Havana Rush (2007); and Danika (2006), a psychological thriller co-starring Marisa Tomei.

    A highly sought-after model, Garcia has been featured in print ads for brands including Mercedes-Benz and Macy’s, and she has appeared in countless U.S. and international fashion magazines. Garcia is also classically trained in ballet.

    Garcia is the only Cuban actress currently in the U.S. who was born in her homeland and granted political asylum by the United States. She currently lives in Los Angeles.