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The Cast and Creators on the Characters Facing Reality and Each Other

Fredwynn was right all along, the game was just a distraction. “He thinks someone’s trying to throw them off the track and he’s still trying to find out the big game play,” says André (3000) Benjamin as he reflects on the group finding the disheveled apartment in Episode 8.

He’s not wrong. But the game wasn’t just a distraction for what really happened to Clara, it was also a distraction from real life. So what happens when you take it away?

Go behind-the-scenes of Episode 5 through 9 with the cast and creators:

When the game ends, and the veil is dropped, things get real and the group that had been inextricably linked is now wondering, what’s next?

“I don’t actually think Simone believes the group will be friends outside of the game,” explains Eve Lindley. “I think the point when Simone realizes that it’s all been a game and that the game is now over, her sole concern lies with Peter.”

Join the cast and creators as they discuss the group’s complicated return to reality in the latest episode. Plus, stream the full episode now on and AMC apps for mobile and devices.

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