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Go Inside the Dietland Season Finale With the Cast and Creators

We all have to live with the parts of us that are broken.

According to the cast and creators or Dietland, this is what Plum has been struggling with — and what she finally overcomes at the end of Season 1.

“There’s this idea of happiness… that it’s this thing that you get to have all the time. That’s a trap that really keeps empowering people who want to abuse us,” says Executive Producer Martin Noxon in a new behind-the-scenes video about the season finale.

Inside Episode 10

Plum isn’t the only character who takes a look within and harnesses some power.

“Kitty is one of these people for whom more opportunity has allowed her to unleash her inner baller,” adds Noxon.

Click here go inside the episode and hear how the cast and creators think Plum and Kitty have changed their circumstances. Plus, why joining Jennifer helps Plum find her self-worth.

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