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Dietland Cast and Creators on Why Plum Decides to Seek Out Jennifer

Plum is lost and lonely.

The way out, as she’s told by the imagined Leeta in Episode 9, “you need to spread your wings and fly.”

In a new behind-the-scenes video, the cast and creators break down Plum’s decision to do that in the biggest way possible: by seeking out Jennifer.

Inside Episode 9

“Plum is without a tribe and I think that sense of belonging to nobody, and not even to herself really, is excruciating for her,” says Executive Producer Marti Noxon.

Plum’s solution to find her sense of belonging and begin her rebirth is to join the vigilantes of Jennifer.

“The beginning of her new life, really is in taking an action, doing something bold,” says Noxon.

Click here to see if Plum’s mission to meet Jennifer will be the thing that leads to her rebirth.

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