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Marti Noxon Explain Her Shoutout to The Wizard of Oz in Dietland Episode 3

In Episode 3 of Dietland, Plum must detox off her meds as part of the New Baptist Plan.

From there, things get wild, literally.

According to Executive Producer Marti Noxon, Plum’s hallucinations are not merely the random crazy thoughts you might expect.

“Early on I identified The Wizard of Oz having a real deep similarity to parts of Plum’s quest,” says Noxon in a video breaking down the latest episode.

Inside Episode 3

“The tiger was very for me like the cowardly lion,” she continues.

The references to the classic movie don’t end there.

“If you watch carefully there are a lot of shoutouts to The Wizard of Oz throughout the season,” says Noxon.

As for the tiger himself, Adam Rothenberg (Dominic) may have learned to love the suit.

“It felt ridiculous, absolutely appropriately ridiculous,” he says.

Click here to go inside the episode and hear other parallels to The Wizard of Oz. Plus, the cast and creators discuss the ins and the outs of the New Baptist Plan.

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