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EW Interviews Marni Noxon; Julianna Margulies Talks Kitty With Extra

This week, Entertainment Weekly interviews Marni Noxon, while Julianna Margulies discusses Kitty with Extra. Plus, E! Online spotlights Joy Nash in a video about the show. Read on for more:

• Marni Noxon tells Entertainment Weekly that Julianna Margulies “was excited by Kitty. She wanted to play someone delicious. She simply ate it up. But it’s also Julianna, so you still love her—which is what I wanted.”

• Asked by Extra if she sees any of herself in the narcissistic Kitty, Julianna Margulies replies, “Oh, thank God, no. I don’t see an ounce of me in Kitty.”

E! Online spotlights a video where Joy Nash explains, “Most stories about fat people are a transformation story where they end up thin. And Dietland is not. Dietland is a different story. Your life can change and your body can stay the same, which is so exciting and true.”

Vulture checks out a clip of Kitty and Plum, “the show’s main character, who writes Kitty’s responses to letters to the editor for her Seventeen-style magazine Daisy Chain. Kitty would do it herself, of course, but she’s just so busy.”

CNN, Vogue, the New York Post, and Backstage (which calls Julianna Margulies “an imperious wonder as a fearsome editor”) include Dietland in their summer TV previews.

Dietland premieres Mon., Jun. 4 at 9/8c on AMC. For more on all the latest Dietland news, sign up for the Insiders Club.

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