Season 1, Episode 7

Monster High

In the wake of her life-altering revelation, Plum struggles to discover her true voice; a new attack threatens to unravel Jennifer's movement.

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Full Recap

A woman watches the football team practice at Botha College. She applies lipstick.

The woman walks uannounced into the football team’s locker room and begins a striptease, eliciting cheers from the players. She removes her top, revealing a bomb strapped to her chest. The bomb explodes.

Plum struts down the street and bumps into a pedestrian. The man yells at her. She laughs in his face.

At the cafe, Plum comments on news coverage of the Botha College suicide bombing. Steven admonishes Plum’s flip attitude toward the attack.

Kitty runs into Aubra and members of her clique at a clothing store. The women mention a fashion event only to realize Kitty was not invited.

Cheryl arrives at the scene of the suicide bombing and decides to focus her story not on the football team, but on Jennifer’s infiltration into college campuses.

Plum tells Steven about her epiphany at Calliope House and her realization that losing weight will not lead to happiness. Steven warns her to stay away from Calliope House and tells her that she should try to lose weight for the sake of her health. Plum angrily storms out.

Verena tells Julia that a Jennifer follower blew up a football team and orders Julia to leave Calliope House. Julia insists that her money had been intended to fund a class action lawsuit for rape survivors, not to kill people. She explains that Leeta began killing people without her knowledge.

Cheryl interviews a student about Fiona, the suicide bomber. The student explains that Fiona joined their college feminist group but insists that no one in the group had Jennifer connections. She says that no one even liked Fiona.

Plum returns to Calliope House and vents to Verena. Verena suggests they talk.

Plum tells Verena that she oscillates between feeling ecstatic and angry. Verena offers to let Plum stay at Calliope House while adjusting to her new life. She suggests Plum spend some time with Sana and urges her to take up a hobby other than baking.

Kitty sits in her office, filled with boredom. She calls Stanley’s assistant and demands that Stanley call her back.

Julia tries on wigs in a shop. A man takes headshots of Julia in her new wig and offers to expedite a new driver’s license for an additional fee.

Julia sneaks into the Daisy Chain beauty closet in disguise and searches the beauty bins, despite Eladio's protests. She finds the item she was looking for and gives Eladio an envelope of cash for his troubles.

Plum visits Sana in her room and complains that she has been unable to get back the $10,000 deposit for her bypass surgery. Sana suggests Plum demand the money in person. Sana shines a light on the wall then pulls down a large piece of paper. She traces Plum’s silhouette with spray paint. Plum spray paints breasts onto her profile.

Kitty confronts Stanley at home and begs for her old job back. He refuses to reinstate her. She threatens to publicize the fact that Jennifer hacked into Austen Media’s computers. Stanley grabs her arm firmly and declares that he’s not afraid of her or Jennifer.

Plum cancels her surgery at the doctor’s office and demands her deposit back. The receptionist explains that they only refund deposits for medically related cancellations. Plum puts up a fight and declares to patients in the waiting room that the surgery is dangerous.

Plum angrily walks down the street and spray paints a billboard ad for the doctor. She draws her silhouette, adds breasts and writes, “Loved.” She snaps a photo of her graffiti. A cop arrests her.

At the station, an officer interrogates Plum for possible connections with Jennifer. Dominic arrives and has Plum released from custody. He begs her to keep investigating Verena’s potential connection to Jennifer. He admits that he copied files from her laptop and adds that he can’t stop thinking about her. Plum leaves in anger.

Cheryl learns from a pharmacist that Fiona had been taking medication for mental health problems.

Cheryl broadcasts a news report in which she suggests that Fiona was likely a woman with mental health problems rather than a Jennifer copycat.

Plum reads reactions to her graffiti art after a photo of it goes viral on social media. Verena’s husband encourages Plum to keep using her voice to change the world.

Dominic meets with Kitty and requests more money to find out Julia’s real name. Kitty tells him to end the investigation and reveals that she looked into his work history and learned about his suspension and voluntary resignation from the police force. She assigns him to Stanley’s security department with a $15,000 bonus to help bring Stanley down.

Julia meets with her sisters, Jill and Jacinta, to discuss recourse against Jennifer. Julia vows to “stop those bitches.”

Plum draws nude sketches of herself in her room at Calliope House. She composes an email to Kitty’s girls in which she introduces herself and says that she and Kitty have been lying to them.