Season 1, Episode 4

F… This

Plum participates in the next step of The New Baptist Plan, doing whatever it takes to become truly beautiful; Jennifer's terrorism goes global.

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Full Recap

In England, Jennifer soldiers snatch a boy off the street and haul him away in a van.

Kitty watches a British news report about Jennifer murdering a newspaper editor, kidnapping his son and releasing him only after the newspaper published Jennifer’s manifesto and replaced the magazine's usual images of topless women with images of naked men. On UNN, Cheryl Crane-Murphy reports that Austen Media has become Jennifer’s latest media target.

Plum checks “Dear Kitty” emails at home and finds a chorus of support for Jennifer. On TV, Cheryl reports that a vigilante network is targeting progressive women named Jennifer. Mrs. Kettle, who is staying with Plum after her withdrawal episode, worries that Calliope House is a bad influence on Plum.

Plum meets up with Marlowe Buchanan, former star of a hit TV show and now Verena’s associate. Marlowe instructs Plum to read her book, “Bangability Theory,” as part of the New Baptist Plan. Plum ignores a phone call from Kitty’s office.

Dominic asks a former police colleague, Bob, to run a background check on Plum. Bob informs Dominic that a sex offender that Dominic caught while in the force has been released from prison. Dominic worries that despite his resignation over an incident from his past, all the criminals he put away will now walk free.

Plum and Marlowe sit in the waiting room at a waxing salon. Marlowe explains that to understand the steps to “bangability,” you must understand what it takes from you.

Plum winces in pain as aestheticians wax her bikini area.

The board members of Austen Media order Kitty to publish Jennifer’s manifesto on the cover of Daisy Chain, as per Jennifer’s orders. Kitty refuses to cave.

Plum listens to a voicemail from Eladio requesting a last-minute meeting with Kitty. She tells Marlowe that she wrote an article for Kitty while going through Y withdrawal and worries it was too “ethereal.”

Plum calls Eladio and schedules a 4 p.m. appointment with Kitty.

Plum and Marlowe meet Verena at Calliope House. Verena asks Plum if she brought her red “Alicia” dress.

One of Verena's associates takes Plum’s measurements to resize the red dress. She mentions that Calliope House received a bomb threat.

Marlowe hails a cab for Plum’s next appointment. Plum wonders why Calliope House would receive a bomb threat and speculates that Calliope and Jennifer are connected. Marlowe assures her that they are not.

Marlowe takes Plum to a dermatologist, where Plum receives Botox injections.

At a salon, Marlowe’s friend, Paul, does Plum’s hair and makeup. Marlowe purchases over $1,000 in beauty products for Plum.

Kitty praises Plum’s writing for being “different.” She asks for an update on her letter-writers. Plum mentions that readers feel empowered by Jennifer.

Plum helps Mrs. Kettle ice a cake at home. She photographs herself with the cake and texts the photo to Dominic.

Mrs. Kettle notices Botox bruising on Plum’s face and worries about Verena’s methods. Plum storms out.

Leeta stops Plum in the street to say goodbye and asks Plum to find her when she’s finished working with Verena. Plum asks if her sudden departure is Jennifer-related. “Just be careful,” says Leeta.

In a voiceover, Plum says that Jennifer’s tactics were working.

Women glare at Dominic as he walks down the street.

Kitty watches TV news coverage of Jennifer: A man admits that he is scared, while a woman remarks that, for the first time, she feels safe jogging at midnight.

Marlowe reads her book to Plum as Plum struggles with Spanx and high heels at a clothing store. A shopper criticizes Marlowe for talking about racy subject matter in front of her young daughter. Marlowe points out that the woman is giving her daughter the wrong message by allowing her to wear makeup and tight pants.

Mrs. Kettle goes to Calliope House and interrogates Verena about her methodology. Verena insists she is trying to help Plum accept herself.

Kitty orders one of her employees, Pablo, to put Jennifer’s manifesto on the cover of every women’s magazine in the Austen Media catalog. Pablo argues that the covers have already been printed. Kitty ignores him.

Plum dreams about her future thinner self as a doctor marks up her body to indicate where he'll make surgical incisions. The doctor explains that removing excess flesh after her surgery will likely leave scars. Plum’s spirits drop.

Marlowe gives Plum her newly tailored red dress and informs her that the next phase of the New Baptist Plan is to go on several dates. Plum refuses to continue with the plan.

Plum and Marlowe find Mrs. Kettle and Verena waiting for them at Plum’s apartment. Plum accuses Verena of trying to manipulate her.

Austen Media’s CFO meets with Kitty and refuses to sign off on the expenditures required to reprint the magazine covers. Kitty threatens to blackmail him for sleeping with one of her assistants and forcing her to have an abortion.

Plum meets Dominic at the cafe and shares her suspicion about Calliope House's potential connection to Jennifer. He asks her to stick with Verena’s plan so that they can investigate Calliope together. He promises to keep her safe.

Kitty goes to Stanley’s house and reveals her plan to print Jennifer’s manifesto, predicting that issues will fly off the shelves. He signs off without a fight. She alludes to their romantic history.

Mrs. Kettle hugs Plum goodbye and assures her that she’s in good hands with Verena.

Plum calls Dr. Burton to pay the deposit for her surgery.

Women mob a newsstand to purchase Austen Media magazines featuring the manifesto. “This is our revolution,” the covers read.