Season 1, Episode 3

Y Not

Plum goes through withdrawal as she works on her new writing assignment; Jennifer rampages, leaving the country a fearful, bloody mess.

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Full Recap

Malick Ferguson’s dead body falls from the sky and lands on a restaurant patio as a woman berates a waiter over an incorrectly delivered salad. Patrons scream in terror.

Plum attends her first session with Verena and informs Verena that she flushed her Y pills down the toilet. Verena warns Plum against going cold turkey and urges Plum to get another prescription, though for a smaller dose. Verena gives Plum a $20,000 check to cash after she finishes the New Baptist Plan.

Steven reads about Y withdrawal symptoms and offers to stay with Plum through the withdrawal. Plum declines his offer. She plans to hole up at home and write her Daisy Chain article while weaning off the Y.

Plum calls Dominic to tell him she is leaving town for a few days. Dominic asks if she knows Leeta from the beauty closet. Plum pauses and says no.

In the UNN studio, Cheryl delivers a news report on Malick’s death. Kitty pulls Cheryl aside and worries about the impact of Malick’s death on Austen Media. Off the record, she mentions that Austen Media paid for Malick’s legal defense against the rape accusations. She asks Cheryl to alert her with any leads on the perpetrators.

Plum experiences a “brain zap” side effect as she arrives home. She watches the Lane Bryant fashion show on her computer.

Two more men’s bodies fall from the sky and land on a car at a tailgate party.

Steven and Ben watch news coverage of the “runway murders.” Steven texts Plum about the coverage. The text bounces.

Steven visits Plum at home and urges her to stay on the Y. She shoos him away.

Plum starts to hallucinate and writes inappropriate replies to Kitty's letter writers. She watches a nature documentary and hallucinates a tiger leaping from the screen into the room. The tiger, who is Dominic dressed in a tiger suit, raids her refrigerator.

Plum orders food and asks Benny (the tiger) what he wants. He notes that she looks exhausted and takes over her letter writing, then deletes all the emails.

Plum lies in Benny’s lap and explains that she doesn’t want to feel any feelings until she loses weight. Benny underlines the importance of emotions and kisses her.

Plum wakes up in bed with her hand in her pants.

Kitty oversees preparations for a Daisy Chain Fashion Week party. She talks to Dominic, who it turns out is a private investigator who she hired to investigate the leaks. She asks if he has turned up anything on Plum, but Dominic shares his belief that Plum is harmless. Kitty insists Plum could be a suspect, as plus-sized women tend to be jealous of people like Kitty.

At home, Plum notices a rash on her face.

Plum walks down the street. Around the corner, another body falls from the sky.

Plum visits Julia at work and rambles. Julia realizes that Verena asked Plum to go off her meds and orders a car for Plum. Julia informs Plum that Leeta quit. Plum says that Dominic doesn’t believe her.

Kitty rides to the Daisy Chain party with Aubra, Stanley’s wife. They discuss Malick’s death and rant against men.

Kitty and Aubra arrive at the party. A police officer informs Kitty that the mayor canceled the party and all of Fashion Week due to the murders. Aubra tells Kitty that Stanley authorized the cancellation.

Kitty and Julia get drinks at a bar. Kitty gossips about Stanley and Aubra then inquires about Leeta. Julia tells Kitty that she fired Leeta. They clam up when they notice a tabloid reporter quietly snapping photos of them.

Plum watches the fashion show on her computer. She hallucinates herself walking down a runway in a couture dress.

Plum wakes up to find Dominic sitting in bed with her. He informs Plum that she called him. She falls back asleep. He covers her with a blanket then copies her hard drive onto his thumb drive.

Verena speaks to a friend, Marlo, about Plum and describes her as “bright, but impulsive.” She worries that Plum could go in the wrong direction.

In a video, a man describes how he live-streamed Vietnamese girls without their knowledge. “I deserve to die,” he says. In another video, Malick admits to drugging and sexually assaulting girls as young as 14. Men in more videos describe their transgressions against women.

After airing the videos on UNN, Cheryl reports that Jennifer claimed responsibility for killing 12 men and informed her that they committed the murders during Fashion Week because “the fashion industry dehumanizes women and fosters rape culture.”

Plum shops at her local convenience store. A man harasses a woman in line. Several women gang up on the man and force him out of the store.

Cheryl apologizes to Kitty for airing the recent story about Jennifer. Kitty threatens to call Stanley but backs off and demands to know Cheryl’s Jennifer source.

At home, Dominic talks to his son and daughter, who are concerned about his investigation into the runway murders. Marisa, his wife, comes home from work and chastises him for wearing his wedding ring on a necklace, worried his female sources won’t open up to him if they know that he’s married. Dominic tells her that he may have found an informant for the case, Plum.

Plum's mother and Steven pound on Plum’s door, concerned about her safety after Plum called her mother and rambled nonsensically. Once Plum realizes the extent of her delirium, she frantically checks her outgoing emails and sees an email to Kitty containing her article. Plum's mother and Steven discourage Plum from seeing Verena. Plum insists that they have no idea what it’s like to live as a large person and declares that she would rather be dead than live in her current body.