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Season 1, Episode 1

Episodes 1 & 2

Plum is determined to get weight loss surgery, but puts her job in jeopardy; Plum visits a radical feminist organization and is made an offer she can't refuse.

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Plum Kettle washes her face and prepares her lunch at home. In a voiceover, Plum explains that she used to answer letters to the editor for a fashion magazine called Daisy Chain.

Men in a car mock Plum’s weight as she walks down the street.

Plum works on her laptop at a local cafe. Steven, the cafe owner, convinces her to cover one of his work shifts despite her concerns that being around bakery food would disrupt her diet.

Plum leaves the cafe and notices a goth girl from the cafe following her down the street. Plum crosses the street. The goth girl does not follow her.

A counselor at Waist Watchers clinic weighs Plum and notes that she lost one pound that week. She calls Plum “morbidly obese” and urges her to lose more weight.

Plum attends a Waist Watchers group meeting. A newcomer, Janice, arrives late and bristles when the counselor presumes that she hates her body. Janice declares that she loves her body and is only losing weight due to back problems. She storms out.

The counselor coaches Plum about her upcoming bypass surgery and says that Plum’s bouts of nausea might be a side effect of taking “Y” pills on an empty stomach. She asks if Plum is planning additional cosmetic surgeries after the bypass. Plum remarks that she doesn’t have enough money.

Plum sees the same goth girl on the street and confronts her. The goth girl tells her to have an “amazing” day, then keeps walking.

At home, Plum daydreams about a red dress that she plans to wear after her bypass surgery. She imagines a thinner version of herself wearing the dress.

Plum’s mother calls Plum and discourages her from getting the bypass surgery. She urges Plum to accept her body. Plum changes the subject.

Plum dreams about food. In the dream, the goth girl offers her an empty plate then gets hit by a train.

A group of kidnappers ties up two men, tapes their mouths and injects them with syringes. They put the men in body bags and toss them off an overpass, onto a highway, where they are run over by trucks.

Plum bakes scones at the cafe. Her co-worker, Ben, raves about her baking. In a voiceover, Plum explains that she grew up wanting to be a journalist or a baker.

Ben relaxes on the fire escape while listening to Plum sing. Plum absentmindedly licks some frosting then immediately spits it out in the sink.

Plum takes orders at the cafe counter. The goth girl walks up, writes something on Plum’s arm with eyeliner, then leaves.

Plum takes Steven’s dog for a walk and looks at the word on her arm: Dietland. She complains to Steven about the goth girl.

Plum arrives at the office of Daisy Chain for a meeting with editor Kitty Montgomery. She checks in with Eladio, Kitty’s assistant.

Plum chats with Dominic, a NYPD detective, in the waiting area. Dominic suggests they grab coffee some time. In a voiceover, Plum explains that she has met many men who fetishize girls like her but marry women like Kitty.

Kitty greets Plum in her office. Plum tries to pitch some stories to Kitty, but Kitty interrupts and asks Plum to brief her on the letters she has received from readers. Kitty mentions that a hacker obtained the personal contact information of everyone at Austin Media, which owns Daisy Chain, and that police are trying to trace the source of the leaks.

Plum retches in the bathroom. The goth girl shows up and tells Plum that she left her something in the kitchen. Plum sees “Witch” written on the girl’s shoes.

In the kitchen, Plum finds a book called Dietland.

The kidnappers return to a dark room and deposit guns and witch masks in a bag. A woman ties her hair in a ponytail, revealing a “Jennifer” tattoo on her neck.

Plum shows Steven the book, Dietland. Its author, Verena Baptist, is the daughter of the woman who started the Baptist Weight Loss Clinic. She explains that Verena shut down the clinics after her mother died and believes that diets are evil. Plum receives a phone call from someone at Daisy Chain asking her to sign a document.

Plum goes to Daisy Chain to sign the document. A staffer promptly throws the papers in the trash and takes Plum to a service elevator. She instructs Plum to push “SC” for the beauty closet.

Plum goes to the beauty closet and is greeted by Julia Smith, the manager of the beauty closet. Julia explains that she tracked down Plum after she realized that the “letters to the editor” replies were too smart to be written by Kitty, then asked Leeta, the goth girl, to vet Plum. She claims responsibility for the security breach and accuses Austin Media of telling women they are broken. She asks Plum to give her the names and email addresses of Kitty’s letter-writers so that she can deprogram the girls.

On the train, Plum scrolls through her database of all the girls who have written to Kitty. On the street, she emails the list to Julia with the subject: FIGHT BACK.

A coroner performs an autopsy on the male murder victims. He finds a piece of paper in one of the men’s mouths: “JENNIFER,” it says.

A young Plum looks out the window of her living room as a man snaps photos of her house.

A doctor informs Plum that she must lose more weight to undergo bypass surgery. In a voiceover, Plum lists off the numerous diets she has tried over the years, including the most effective but nearly fatal diet: the Baptist Weight Loss Clinic.

The doctor tells Plum that he cannot authorize the surgery until she loses 15 more pounds. He suggests Plum reduce her daily caloric intake by another 500 calories. She points out that she would be consuming under 700 calories a day.

In the waiting room, Plum watches news anchor Cheryl Crane-Murphy report that the two men dropped onto the highway stood accused of raping a woman who ultimately committed suicide. The receptionist informs Plum that she must pay for the doctor’s visit upfront and then get reimbursed by her insurance company. Plum turns to the TV and imagines a conversation with Cheryl about her precarious finances. Back in reality, Cheryl reports that the bodies were tagged with the name “Jennifer.”

Leeta hangs out with Julia in the beauty closet and marvels at the detailed notes that Plum wrote about each Daisy Chain letter-writer. Julia prohibits Leeta from contacting Plum again. Kitty rings the doorbell of the beauty closet.

Plum tells Steven that she hasn’t heard from Julia since sending the list. She admits to Steven that she’s afraid to read Dietland.

Kitty asks Julia for beauty product suggestions. Julia comments that Kitty looks stressed and inquires about the security leak. She comforts Kitty by presuming that whoever performed the breach probably isn’t concerned with a women’s magazine.

Ben asks Plum to bake him a birthday cake. She declines, and he invites her to his birthday party. Plum gets a call from Eladio.

Fashion photographer Malick Ferguson photographs a model in the woods. She lures him over to three kidnappers in witch masks.

Kitty instructs an assistant to leave a message with Malick regarding a photo shoot. Julia wonders aloud why they're working with Malick, who many are boycotting for his allegedly questionable behavior with underage models. Kitty blows off the rumors as a "he said, she said" situation.

Julia learns from Eladio that Kitty hired a detective to investigate the leak.

Leeta approaches Plum on the street and urges her to meet with Verena Baptist. She gives Verena’s address to Plum.

Kitty calls Plum into her office and forecasts that plus-size clothing is becoming a trend. She asks Plum to write up Christian Siriano’s Lane Bryant fashion show for the magazine. Plum accepts, but she's disappointed to find she'll only get to watch it on Facebook Live, while one of Kitty's usual writers attends the actual event.

Dominic spots Plum in the Austin Media lobby and asks her out to coffee.

Plum takes Dominic to her local cafe. After chatting about their personal lives, Dominic asks Plum to help him keep an eye out for suspicious behavior at Austin Media. Plum realizes that Dominic is not romantically interested in her.

Plum stands outside her building and pictures her lonely life inside. She resolves to improve her life.

She knocks on Verena’s door. A woman takes her to the kitchen, where people are snacking and discussing the “Jennifer” disappearances. Verena greets Plum and praises her subversive Daisy Chain letters.

Verena takes Plum on a tour of Calliope, an organization that she founded to support women who are fighting for gender equality. Verena recounts the history of the Baptist Weight Loss Clinic and describes how her mother became an alcoholic when the diet failed her in later years. She says that her parents died in a car accident while fighting, then explains that she closed her mother’s clinics because they blamed women for not being able to starve themselves.


Verena talks with Plum about her weight concerns. Plum describes the day in kindergarten when she realized she was “too big” and says that her sex life is non-existent. Verena suggests Plum begin a “new Baptist plan” and offers to give Plum $20,000 when she’s finished with the program. She says that Plum would be free to use the money for her surgery if she so chooses.

Kitty and Cheryl chat during a private exercise class in the Austin Media building. Kitty admits to Cheryl that she has not told her boss, Stanley, about the security breach. Kitty asks Cheryl about the Malick disappearance. Cheryl speculates that his case is related to the “Jennifer” kidnappers.

“All hail Jennifer,” Cheryl says.

Julia slaps Leeta as a reprimand for making contact with Plum. Julia reminds Leeta never to question her authority.

In a voiceover, Plum admits that Verena’s offer was hard to refuse. Dominic watches Plum from his car as she enters a convenience store.

Plum talks to her mother on the phone. Her mother chases tourists off her lawn as they snap photos of the house, which once belonged to a celebrity. Plum admits that when she was young, she believed people photographed the house because of her appearance.

Dominic sits in a car outside Plum’s building then drives off.

The “Jennifer” kidnappers tie up Malick, inject him with a syringe and put him in a truck.

Plum dumps her pills into the toilet. “Get a life,” she tells herself in the mirror.