Plum Kettle works on her laptop at a local cafe, answering letters to the editor for a fashion magazine called Daisy Chain. She later attends a Waist Watchers meeting and receives coaching about her upcoming bypass surgery.

A group of kidnappers tosses two men onto a highway, where they are run over by trucks.

Plum meets Dominic, an NYPD detective, in the waiting area of the Daisy Chain offices. Daisy Chain editor Kitty Montgomery tells Plum that police are trying to track down a hacker who obtained the personal contact information of everyone at Austen Media, which owns Daisy Chain.

Plum notices a goth girl following her around the city. The goth girl gives Plum a book called Dietland. Plum recognizes the author as Verena Baptist, daughter of the woman who started the Baptist Weight Loss Clinic.

Julia Smith, the manager of the Daisy Chain beauty closet, summons Plum and explains that she asked the goth girl, Leeta, to vet Plum. She claims responsibility for the security breach and accuses Austen Media of promoting unhealthy messages to women. She asks Plum to give her the names and email addresses of Kitty’s letter-writers so that she can deprogram the girls. Plum emails the contents of the list to Julia.

A coroner performs an autopsy on the male murder victims and finds a piece of paper in one of their mouths: “JENNIFER,” it says.

Plum learns that she cannot receive the bypass surgery until she loses 15 more pounds. On TV at the doctor’s office, UNN news anchor Cheryl Crane-Murphy reports that the male murder victims are accused rapists.

The “Jennifer” group kidnaps and kills more men, including fashion photographer Malick Ferguson, who is notorious for his exploits with underage models.

Leeta gives Verena’s address to Plum and urges her to meet with Verena.

Dominic asks Plum to help him keep an eye out for suspicious behavior at Austen Media. He proceeds to follow Plum in secret.

Plum visits Verena at Calliope House, an organization that Verena founded to support women who are fighting for gender equality. Verena suggests Plum begin a “New Baptist Plan” and gives Plum $20,000 to cash when she’s finished with the program — which she could use for her surgery if she so chooses.

Plum stops taking Y pills as part of the New Baptist Plan. She holes up in her apartment to write a Daisy Chain article while going through withdrawal symptoms, including intense hallucinations. Dominic, who turns out to be a private investigator who Kitty hired to investigate the leaks, checks on Plum at home after she calls him in the midst of a hallucination. He copies her hard drive while she sleeps.

UNN airs videos of men testifying to sexual assaults against women before being executed by Jennifer.

Verena’s associate, Marlowe Buchanan, subjects Plum to a bikini wax, Botox, and an expensive makeover to show Plum what women must endure to be “bangable.”

Jennifer forces a newspaper to publish its manifesto after murdering a newspaper editor. The board members of Austen Media order Kitty to publish Jennifer’s manifesto, as per Jennifer’s orders, but Kitty refuses.

Plum tells Kitty that Daisy Chain readers feel empowered by Jennifer. Kitty decides to put Jennifer’s manifesto on the cover of every women’s magazine in the Austen Media catalog, correctly predicting that sales will skyrocket.

Plum pays the deposit for her surgery.

Plum begins a series of dates as part of the New Baptist Plan. All three of her dates reject her when they see her physique.

Plum snaps pictures of photos on Verena’s wall after Dominic asks her to dig up more information on Verena. She shows Dominic a photo of Verena and Julia hanging out together.

Jennifer murders porn star-turned-entrepreneur Stella Cross, its first female victim. Kitty asks Plum to write an article about Cross. In her research, Plum finds that Cross was notorious for normalizing sexual violence.

Stanley Austen, CEO of Austen Media, demotes Kitty for publishing the manifesto. Kitty blames Plum for convincing her to support Jennifer and fires her.

Plum meets her final date, Jack, but ditches him when she learns of his fetish for large women. She gets into an altercation with a man in the street. Dominic rescues Plum from her assailant then admits to Plum that he’s a private detective hired by Kitty.

Plum stays at Calliope House for the final phase of the New Baptist Plan, during which she must reflect on everything that has happened to her.

Police hunt for Leeta after she becomes a lead suspect in the Jennifer murders. Kitty fires Julia after Julia admits that Leeta was responsible for the hacks. Verena reluctantly lets Julia stay at Calliope House. Julia gives Leeta’s journal to Plum.

Plum experiences an epiphany while looking at Marlowe’s art project at Calliope House. Plum’s friend, Steven, warns her to stay away from Calliope House. Plum shuns him.

A female suicide bomber kills a college football team. Cheryl initially covers the bombing as a story about Jennifer’s infiltration into college campuses then realizes that the bomber was merely a mentally unstable woman. Stanley alters the story to portray the bombing as a Jennifer attack.

Verena orders Julia to leave Calliope House in protest of Julia’s association with Jennifer. Julia insists that the money she gave Jennifer had been intended to fund a class action lawsuit for rape survivors, not to kill people.

Plum cancels her surgery at the doctor’s office and demands her deposit back. The receptionist refuses. She defaces a billboard ad for the doctor. She spray-paints her silhouette, adds breasts and writes, “Loved.” A cop arrests her.

Dominic helps get Plum out of jail and begs her to keep investigating Verena’s potential connection to Jennifer. Plum walks out on him after learning that he copied files from her laptop.

Kitty assigns Dominic to Stanley’s security department with a $15,000 bonus to help bring Stanley down.

Plum posts a photo of her graffiti art on social media. It goes viral. She composes an email to Kitty’s girls in which she introduces herself and says that she and Kitty have been lying to them. Kitty sues Plum for $15 million.

Jennifer releases the “Penis 100,” a list of the world’s worst sexual abusers. Stanley comes in at number seven. Stanley offers to reward Dominic if he convinces his father-in-law, who is the chief of police, to bury several unsavory police reports from his past.

Julia meets with her sisters, Jill and Jacinta, to discuss recourse against Jennifer. Julia tells a Jennifer envoy that she and her sisters did not approve the full-scale rampage when they gave money to Jennifer. The Jennifer operative threatens to harm Julia and her sisters’ families.

Kitty withdraws the lawsuit after Plum agrees to give an interview in Daisy Chain in which she presents Kitty and the magazine in a favorable light. Plum mentions Calliope House during the interview. Verena and the other women at Calliope House admonish Plum for drawing attention to them. Plum leaves Calliope House.

Plum goes on another date with Jack after he sends her an apology. Jack rapes her.

Plum discovers a series of encoded numbers in Leeta’s journal and uses them to open a connection with Jennifer on her laptop. Three Jennifer members find Plum and drive her to Jennifer headquarters in Detroit. Plum agrees to help deliver Jennifer’s message to the world.

Dominic uncovers police reports on Stanley and brings them to Kitty, revealing charges of hostile work environments. He gives his notice to Kitty.

Kitty shares evidence of Stanley’s misconduct with the Austen Media board of directors. She threatens to dig up files on each board member if they don’t fire Stanley and hire her in his place. The board votes to appoint her CEO.

Jill and Jacinta tell Julia that they are going to report Jennifer to the FBI and will then go into hiding. Julia refuses to join them.

Eladio brings Julia to a secret room in the beauty closet where Leeta has been hiding. Leeta rocks back and forth on a mattress and rambles to herself. Julia vows to smuggle Leeta out of the building.

Jennifer’s founder, Soledad, tells Plum that she must be willing to kill if she wants to join Jennifer. Jennifer unanimously votes Plum into the group.

Dominic’s father-in-law tells Dominic that he is a “loser” and that his wife and children are leaving him. Dominic begs for his job back from Kitty.

Plum asks Soledad why she started Jennifer. Soledad explains that she was raped in the military and that her daughter committed suicide after several men raped her. She tells that Leeta organized a rape survivors group that included her daughter.

Verena goes to the FBI and leaks names of people affiliated with Jennifer. Jennifer evacuates their headquarters after a newspaper prints Soledad’s name and photo.

Kitty fires Cheryl.

The FBI arrests Julia and her sisters. Dominic finds Leeta in the beauty closet then calls Plum to say that he has something she might want.

Kitty asks Dominic to arrange a meeting with someone at Jennifer so that she can establish a mutually beneficial relationship.

The FBI shoots and kills one of the Jennifer members. Plum and Soledad escape with two other members.