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Comic Book Men Pull List: Week of March 22, 2017

Posted by Ashleen Wicklow on March 22, 2017

Are you a comic book fan? Looking for the next best thing to read? Comic guru Mike Zapcic offers his recommendations in comic book reading from this Wednesday’s new releases.

[IDW Publishing]
“Kirk, Spock, Hal, Guy Gardner and John Stewart must face the wrath of Khan — and if he weren’t formidable enough, he’s now in possession of a Red Lantern ring. Plus, can Captain Hal Jordan and Captain Kirk find the universe’s power battery before the villainous Sinestro?”

[IDW Publishing]
“Who ya gonna call? Apparently, EVERYONE who’s ever called themselves a Ghostbuster! The old team meets new in this cool mash-up of the franchise.”

“Danny Rand infiltrates an underground fighting ring where there are no rules except for winning at any cost. But, Danny’s not there merely to fight: He’s on a mission to go back through the history of previous Iron Fists if he’s to move closer to his destiny!”

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