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Comic Book Men Comic Book Pull List: April 15, 2015

This week, Mike and Ming’s comic book picks show that everything old is indeed new again: Convergence returns to the Pre-Flashpoint Gotham City and Bruce Wayne meets someone he’s never thought he’d see again, while a classic 90’s TV show is re-imagined as a dark and gritty coming of age comic. Want to know what to check out this week among the new comic book releases? The experts are here to help…


“As heroes from different timelines battle to save their worlds, the survivors from Earth 2 try to enlist allies from a Pre-Flashpoint Gotham City. What do you think will happen when Bruce Wayne meets his Batman counterpart of the Flashpoint world – his father, Thomas Wayne? PLUS, we get to see Superman-Red and Superman-Blue in action ONE MORE TIME!”

[Archie Comics]
“This re-imagining of everybody’s favorite teen aged witch continues in this new ongoing series! Sabrina’s mortal boyfriend is acting, well, pretty odd. When Sabrina petitions the Witches Council for help, they tell her to pound sand. Wow, THAT was pretty stupid of them! This comic has been so well done and such a surprise!”


[Dark Horse]
“Get to the Malt Shop??!” Archie, Betty, Veronica, Reggie and Jughead and talking a breather in Costa Rica when they run into…The Predator? Does Jughead even have enough meat on his bones to show up on The Predator’s Heat Vision? Read this to see the ultimate hunt!”

“Issue one of a two issue story. The Becky Cloonan cover art has me intrigued: the harpoon in the arm stump and the mysterious looming shadowy figure – not to mention Aquaman’s pissed off look. But can you blame him, when he has to face off with Deathblow with no home, no powers and no hand?”

“My favorite Jersey City based superhero finds out that she isn’t the ONLY Jersey City based Inhuman. And this one is a bad boy. Grab the variant ‘What the Duck?’ cover featuring Howard the Duck if you can find it.”

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