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The Comic Book Men Pull List: April 1, 2015

Blockbuster season isn’t just for the big screen: this week, DC puts every superhero title on hiatus to launch Convergence, the comic book event that will effect every DC Universe storyline ever written. Plus, Marvel releases a four-part Avengers mini-series before Avengers: Age of Ultron comes to theaters. Mike and Ming are reading the heavy-hitters this week, plus some newly collected classics. Read on for more…


ming-2015-04-01-dc-convergence-75x110 [DC]
“It all starts here! DC Comics states that ‘stories matter’ and EVERY storyline ever touched upon in the DCU will be drawn upon…Kingdom Come, Gotham by Gaslight, Crisis on Infinite Earths, Red Son Superman, ALL OF THEM! It’s the end of the New 52, but maybe not as you’d expect!”

mike-2015-04-01-new-teen-titans-75x110 [Marvel]
“Marv Wolfman and George Perez at their finest! These are the comics that made me excited for the medium again, and this book collects issues 9 through 16. As we follow our heroes on the hunt for the killers of the legendary Doom Patrol, watch them battle the Titans of mythology, and go through heartbreak as Starfire loses a love.”

mike-2015-04-01-uncanny-inhumans-75x110 [Marvel]
“Charles Soule and Steve McNiven bring us a side of Black Bolt we’ve NEVER seen, or so Marvel claims. As I’ve never felt an affinity to the character, I’ll give them a shot…”



CONVERGENCE #0ming-2015-04-01-dc-convergence-75x110
“DC’s big summer event kicks off with this Zero issue. This event has been billed as the one which affects every DC story ever told – that’s a huge amount of hype. Written by Jeff King.”

mike-2015-02-25-absolute-green-arrow-75x110“Collecting Kevin Smith’s Green Arrow run (Issues #1-#15) into a beautiful hardbound Absolute Edition. Oliver Queen is back from the dead (or so everyone thought) and everyone wants to know how, including The Dark Knight himself. Plus, Kevin’s not-so-silent villain, Onomatopoeia, makes an appearance.”


ming-2015-04-01-avengers-millennium-75x110“Issue one of a four-part mini series in which we see the Avengers as they’ll appear in Joss Whedon’s Age of Ultron. We get Spider-Man thrown in as a fanboy bonus, and a time-travel story as a super fanboy bonus.”


“Jedi Kanan is unknown to most Star Wars fans who haven’t been watching Star Wars Rebels. This series will bring you up to speed about a former Jedi Padawanming-2015-04-01-kanan-75x110 who survived Order-66 under the former name Caleb Dume and his fight against the Empire.”


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