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The Comic Book Men Comic Book Pull List: March 18, 2015

They can talk about comics all day long on Comic Book Men, but have you ever wondered what comics the guys from the Secret Stash are actually reading? Mike Zapcic shares what he’s pulling off the shelves from this week’s new comic book releases…

Mikes-Pull-List-560-v3BATMAN ’66 MEETS THE GREEN HORNET (HC)mike-2015-03-18-batman-66-green-hornet-75x110
“This is just TOO perfect not to love! Writers Kevin Smith (my boss!) and Ralph Garman (my hero!) put their heads together to get the two Dynamic Duos to team up and go head-to-head against a newly-promoted General Gumm and the Joker. With kickin’ art by Ty Templeton, no less! The hardcover comes out today, collecting all six issues of the mini-series.”

GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL. 4: ORIGINAL SIN (HC)mike-2015-03-18-guardians-original-sin-75x110
“For over three years, Peter Quill has been running around the Marvel Universe, kicking ass as Star Lord, leading his Guardians of the Galaxy. But at the end of “The Thanos Imperative,” the 2010 story arc, he was stranded in the Cancerverse alongside Thanos and Rich Rider (Nova), with no hope of return… So what DID happen? How did he get out of the Cancerverse, where even death itself has no power? You guessed it, your answers are HERE! Find out the true ending of the Cancerverse saga collected in hardcover for the first time.”

The Comic Book Men season finale airs this Sunday at Midnight/11c with two new episodes.

You can watch full episodes online now.

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