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The Comic Book Men Comic Book Pull List: February 18, 2015

They can talk about comics all day long on Comic Book Men, but have you ever wondered what comics the guys from the Secret Stash are actually reading? This week, Mike Zapcic and Ming Chen share what they’re excited to pull off the shelves from this Wednesday’s new comic book releases:

Mikes-Pull-List-560-v3THE MULTIVERSITY: MASTERMEN #1mike-2015-02-18-multiversity-mastermen-100x150
[DC Comics]
“Acclaimed writer Grant Morrison teams with legendary artist Jim Lee to take you to a world where Nazi Germany was able to win World War II with the help of an orphaned alien who rocketed to Germany from the dying planet Krypton. Sixty years after hostilities have ended, Overman must contend with Uncle Sam and his Freedom Fighters! If you aren’t excited for this book, you better seek medical help!”


THE MULTIVERSITY: MASTERMEN #1ming-2014-02-18-multiversity-mastermen-2-100x150
[DC Comics]
“This is the issue of Multiversity I’ve been waiting for, with art by the legendary Jim Lee. Featuring a storyline in which the Nazis win World War II with the help of the Nazi version of Superman, who goes up against a group called ‘The Freedom Fighters’ and ‘Uncle Sam,’ this one is a must read.”



LEGENDERRY: GREEN HORNET #1ming-2014-02-18-legenderry-green-hornet-100x150
“Featuring the renditions of the Green Hornet and Kato from Bill Willingham’s Legenderry, this puts the OTHER dynamic duo in a gang war featuring steampunk technology.”

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