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Have a Story For Kevin Smith’s Comic Book Men? They May Use It Online in Their Podcast

Kevin Smith and the cast of Comic Book Men have some great stories about their favorite toys, comics and memorabilia. Now, after each week’s episode of Comic Book Men, they’ll be sharing more of those stories online with Comic Book Men’s audio podcast — available at and on iTunes. And the guys want to hear what you have to say, too. With that in mind, Smith and company are taking your audio and video submissions for their weekly, post-show audio podcast. Specifically, they want to know about…

• Your favorite toy from your youth
• Your favorite comic book storyline
• Your favorite superhero or action movie
• Your favorite superhero costume of all time
• The greatest superhero battle you’d like to see
• The best comicbook villian of all time

For exact details on how to create and submit your one minute audio file (and to listen to some sample submissions), visit

Comic Book Men premieres Sun., Feb. 12 at 10/9c.

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